Everything Is Awesomer Because LEGO Movie 2 Might Feature The Doctor

LEGO Dimensions already lets players team the Doctor with, for example, Batman or Gandalf but the mashup of the Doctor Who universe and the LEGO world is about to become even more intertwined: word is that the Doctor is up for a role in the sequel to 2014’s super successful LEGO Movie.

lego dimensions

With a follow-up due out in 2018, director Rob Schrab is just in the early stages of planning the movie—not that it’s stopped him from discussing one pretty huge bit of casting news in interviews. Schrab was a guest on Dan Harmon’s podcast Harmontown earlier this week when the host asked him how the sequel was shaping up. Schrab immediately launched into a yarn concerning Will Ferrell stranded in the woods with a flat tire followed by a screed on the right way to pluralize LEGO, completely burying the big news: that he’s in talks with the BBC.

“For real, I’m talking to the BBC on Thursday”, he told Harmon. About what though? “Oh I don’t know…” Schrab said, suddenly coy. “There’s a certain character that the BBC owns, and they’re asking would it be possible if—”

At this point, the point where any Doctor Who fan worthy of watching the show would jump in and ask “DOCTOR WHO?!?” Harmon does just that, getting a response that sounds kind of like

“Mmmmrmmm” from Schrab.

But Harmon pushes on: “You only do fancy eyebrow lifting if there’s a Doctor Who character.”

“I don’t know what you’re talking about”, Schrab maintained. “That’s a crazy leak that you just leaked. He just told us the first 26 pages of the movie!” joked Harmon and his co-host.

“Yeah, do you know how sued I’m gonna get?” Schrab countered. We hope he has a good lawyer and everything—but we really hope he’s got something awesome in mind for the Doctor.