LEGO Marvel’s Avengers Is A Marvelous Way To Relive The Movies

Following last year’s inventive and all-around supoib LEGO Dimensions, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers does away with actual LEGO building in favour of enhanced gameplay mechanics, explosive action, massive set-pieces, and some major Marvel love.

Fans of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are in for a treat with this game, which packs in both Avengers films and several spin-off moments into its generous campaign that takes our block-y superheroes to New York, Eastern Europe, South Africa, and other memorable locations from the movies. Along for the ride are a couple hundred LEGO-fied MCU characters that are both familiar (hello, Hulk, Thor, and Iron Man) and obscure (hey there, Captain Universe, Madame B, and Squirrel Girl).


Like previous LEGO instalments, each character comes with a unique set of attacks and abilities. Need to cloak yourself to get past a pesky security camera? Black Widow’s your gal. Broken doodad needs fixing? Tony Stark can handle that. Gotta blow something up? Hawkeye’s got you covered. While this doesn’t break new ground, one clever addition is the ability to pull off Team-Up moves with two characters. For instance, Thor can turn a single arrow shot by Hawkeye into a rainstorm of carnage. It’s certainly worth sampling the variety of combinations as the game progresses and different characters are introduced.

As with past iterations, LEGO Marvel’s Avengers makes for a pretty stellar two-player experience, and taking out bad guys by combining abilities only enhances the series tried and true co-op experience. It’s also a lot of fun to work together to solve the game’s frequent—but always fair—puzzles. More than ever before, the puzzles often involve the combined capabilities of two superheroes. Still, whenever you don’t know what to do next, just smash everything in sight and the solution will likely reveal itself.

You’ve also got to hand it to the game makers for cramming in so much content into one game. While some of the game’s plot points aren’t as fleshed out as they are in the films, its abundance of lovable LEGO humour gets a big ol’ A+. From Nick Fury’s milkshake addiction, to Tony Stark’s heart-bespeckled boxer shorts, to those post-credits gags, to the delicious way Quicksilver bites the dust near the end of Ultron, the game is as much fun to watch as it is to play.

Lego Marvel Avengers

After you’re done with the main story, there’s still incentive to game on. Like Dimensions did so well with its Level Packs (read our Back to the Future, Doctor Who, and Ghostbusters write-ups), there are several sizeable open-world areas to comb through for additional quests and collectables.

LEGO Marvel’s Avengers is out now on PlayStation 4 and 3, Xbox One and 360, Wii U, and Windows PC. Marvel’s Captain America: Civil War DLC pack is currently available and Marvel’s Ant-Man DLC pack will launch later this spring. Check out the trailer below.