Everything Is Awesome In LEGO Dimensions

You may have played past LEGO games, but you’ve never played one like this. LEGO Dimensions is the perfect implementation of the current trend to blend gaming with toy collecting, merging the two mediums into one streamlined experience that makes Skylanders and Disney Infinity feel primitive by comparison. In addition to being one of the most polished, hilarious (seriously, the writing and voice acting is top-shelf), and overall fun-to-play entries in the series that’s been around since the days of PlayStation 2, here are four reasons why we think you’ll dig LEGO Dimensions as much as we do.

LEGO building


Once you build your LEGO Dimensions Starter Pack minifigures (which includes Batman, Gandalf, and Wyldstyle), the accompanied booklet will ask you to hold off on putting together the game’s main gizmo, the LEGO Toy Pad, and await further in-game instructions. That’s where the fun really starts. After plugging in the Toy Pad, sitting through a few minutes of cut-scenes, and doing some basic training, you’ll be tasked to assemble a rad-looking portal just like the one in the game. Even cooler is how the device lights up in different ways in order for you to solve puzzles by placing minifigures in designated colour-coordinated areas.

LEGO collecting


Expansion packs come in three varieties, all of which unlock further dimensional exploration: Fun Packs include one minifigure and an additional doodad, like a vehicle or velociraptor; Team Packs include two minifigures and an additional doodad; finally, Level Packs include a minifigure and a doodad, but they also gain you entry to extra missions and open-world dimensions to explore. Unlike other micro transactions in gaming, there’s the added value of actually building a legitimate LEGO collection that doubles as an in-game enhancement.

LEGO worlds colliding


The number and diversity of brands mashups is one of the most intriguing and playful elements of LEGO Dimensions. While the franchise has certainly enjoyed its fair share of spin-offs featuring iconic comic book and movie characters, this makes The Avengers seem low concept. Some of the tastiest first wave (as in, out now) packs we can’t wait to get our hands on are Back the Future, Portal, The Simpsons, and Jurassic World. Future additions coming down the pipeline are Ghostbuster and… wait for it…

Doctor Who LEGO


Arriving in November, Doctor Who will be all over Lego Dimensions, with every Doctor accessible to play as. Yup, even the War Doctor. What’s beyond sweet is Peter Capaldi has recorded new dialogue just for the game. Fans of previous Doctors will also be happy to learn that audio from every one of them has been taken from the show for the game. Here are several other amazing facts we learned about Doctor Who in LEGO Dimensions: When your current Doctor dies, you’ll regenerate as the first Doctor and work your way up the Twelfth again. The inside of the TARDIS (and yes, there’s a LEGO TARDIS) will change depending on which Doctor you’re playing as. In addition to Doctor voiced characters, Jenna Coleman and Michelle Gomez will lend their voices as Clara and Missy, respectively. Lastly, in addition to the abovementioned Whoniverse characters, you can also collect and play as Cyberman, Dalek, and K-9.

LEGO Dimensions is available now on Xbox 360, PS3, Xbox One, PS4, and Wii U. It’s totally great so just buy it and get building like a LEGO maniac.