What You Gonna Play? LEGO Dimensions’ Ghostbusters Level Pack!

This week marks the arrival of the third wave of Lego Dimensions goodies, and it’s safe to say the Ghostbusters Level Pack is the most hotly anticipated of ‘em all. To paraphrase Bill Murray’s Peter Venkman: We built. We played. We kicked its ass!

If you’re a fan of the classic 1984 film—who on this planet isn’t?—you’ll certainly get a kick out of seeing it reimagined in LEGO form. In typical LEGO fashion, the charm is cranked to 11, and it’s infinitely fun to see such iconic scenes recreated with the minimalist—but so on point—LEGO touch.

Ghostbusters Level Pack (35)

If you factor in the gameplay (which is more robust than Back to the Future’s, but not quite as sturdy as Doctor Who’s) and cut-scenes (which repurpose some of the movie’s most memorable voice clips, Rick Moranis notwithstanding ????), I’d wager it takes about the same amount of time to watch the film start to finish as it does to breeze through the game’s central mission.

As always, the big attraction is the LEGO building, and this set delivers on that front. Before and during the game, you’ll get to build your very own Venkman minifigure, an adorable Ecto-1, and a handy ghost-catching trap that’s somehow as large as the Ecto-1.


There’s plenty of incentive to come back to the game, like LEGO bit-collecting, hunting down special items, and taking in various nods to the live-action movie, which there’s no short supply of. As with previous Level Packs, you’re welcome to roam an expansive open world that unlocks upon completing the main quest. There are plenty of mini games and unlockables there, too, and you can play as any Ghostbuster you choose.

Ghostbusters Level Pack (13)

LEGO Dimensions’ third wave also sees the release of Doctor Who and Back to the Future Fun Packs, which come with a Cyberman and Dalek and Doc Brown and Travelling Time Train, respectively. DC fans are also being treated to a very well-timed Harley Quinn and Joker Team Pack.

Check out LEGO Dimensions’ Ghostbusters Level Pack trailer below.