Celebrate Back To The Future Day With LEGO Dimensions’ Back To The Future Level Pack

Two things Back to the Future Part II didn’t predict would happen on October 21, 2015 is that everyone would be running pieces about what Back to the Future Part II predicted and, more importantly, that we’d be able to build and play as LEGO Marty McFly in LEGO Dimensions.

If you haven’t heard of LEGO Dimensions, read our review and then check out this awesome ad in which Christopher Loyd reprises his role as Doc Brown:

Those who played LEGO Dimensions might have been left wanting a little more in the Back to the Future department. While we’re delighted the movie was featured in the game, it was fairly brief and only took place in the franchise’s least thrilling setting, the Wild West.

Fortunately, this Back to the Future Level Pack is far more comprehensive. Not only that, but Michael J. Fox and Christopher Lloyd have also returned to lend their voices as Marty and Doc. Great Scott, that’s radical. And speaking of radical, here are three more reasons to play LEGO DimensionsBack to the Future Level Pack.

More playable LEGO


While we have yet to actually ride a bitchin’ pink hoverboard like in Back to the Future Part II, this Level Pack does come with a buildable/playable one, along with Marty McFly and the DeLorean, all of which contain special abilities that solve puzzles and unlock hidden areas from LEGO Dimensions’ main campaign. So while we can’t enjoy these gizmos in the real world, at least we can build mini versions of them to enjoy in the gaming world. Oh, and did we mention the DeLorean has tiny lifting doors?

Go back to the future


Once you’ve built your mini Marty, it’s time to jump through that portal and play the new Back to the Future level, which is essentially a truncated variation of the first film. While the level only lasts about 30 minutes (plus the time it takes to build the DeLorean and hoverboard, which the game will prompt you to do when the time comes), it’s got some pretty clever puzzles in place of straight-up action. Since you’ve already seen the first Back to the Future flick, you know how the story goes: Marty travels back 30 years to 1955 in order to prevent Doc from getting shot to death by Libyan rebels for stealing their plutonium (kinda dark, even in LEGO form). And while the level doesn’t include Marty’s task of uniting his teenaged parents, it’s understandable why this plot thread was omitted.

Explore past, present, and future Hill Valley

lego dimensions

After completing the game’s central level, it’s time to hit up Hill Valley and take in the sights. The first playable version of the town is set in 1985, and even features Huey Lewis and the News’ choice track “The Power of Love.” Additionally, you can travel back to 1885 Hill Valley and forward to 2015 Hill Valley. All three timelines have different goodies to discover, mini missions to beat, and monuments to restore, like the Jaws 19 hologram, which for some reason now goes by the name Bruce 19 (fun fact: Bruce is the name of the mechanical shark they used in the original Jaws). And since this is about time travel, your actions in past Hill Valley will affect future Hill Valley. Also, there’s a hoverboard park. Way cool.

In case you want to know how far gaming has come along since Back to the Future Part II was released, in 1989 the NES released its own Back to the Future game, which looked like this:


Take it away, Elijah Wood and other kid:


Want even more Back to the Future LEGO? Jeez, you’re hard to please. On January 19, you can also get your greedy little hands on the Doc Brown Fun Pack, which comes with a Doc Brown minifigurine and the travelling time train. Why am I writing all this—just look at the pic below: