Bruce Wayne Faces His Greatest Fear In The LEGO Batman Movie’s New Trailer

The LEGO Batman Movie’s version of Gotham City is one built on rock and roll… and crushing loneliness—an instantly funny pairing that puts Will Arnett’s gravelly voiced LEGO Batman at odds with his public persona as popular cool guy and ladies’ man.

The fourth clip to be released ahead of the movie’s February 10, 2017 debut might be the funniest one yet, featuring an over-eager Robin (Michael Cera), Ralph Fiennes as Alfred Pennyworth (the perfect successor to Michael Caine), and a heartbroken Joker (Zack Galifianakis in yet another clown role following 2016’s Baskets).


In the new trailer, we discover Batman’s greatest fears—clowns, snakes, clown-snakes, being part of a family, teamwork, and committing to just one villain (sorry, LEGO Joker)—and find out what a post-crime-fighting after-party at Wayne Manor looks like (a solo lobster dinner followed by lonely Netflix and not chilling at all).

There’s also lots of Rosario Dawson’s Commissioner Gordon/BatGirl character in this one, but sadly no sign of Mayor Mariah Carey. Watch the new clip below.