This New Legends of Tomorrow Video Proves Their Time Is Now

With the Legends of Tomorrow premiere just one day away on CTV, now’s the time to take a closer look at DC’s most anticipated TV series yet. In the featurette Legends of Tomorrow: Their Time Is Now, the show’s five executive producers offer background on the series—and several new reasons to get excited. “One of the fun things about the show is the fact that we get to populate our team with all these different characters,” says Marc Guggenheim. The video introduces each of these characters, explaining their origins and bracing you for what’s to come.

Veterans of Arrow and Flash, the producers explain how Legends of Tomorrow fits into DC’s TV evolution. “When we made Arrow, it was at the beginning of comicbook TV,” explains Greg Berlanti. “We wanted a crime drama that had real roots. Then when we did Flash, we were entering the world of sci-fi and we knew the adventures were heightened, but we also wanted to add an element of a family drama, in terms of Flash’s backstory. And now we have Legends of Tomorrow. It’s the first superhero mashup on TV.”

According to Andrew Kreisberg, fans of DC’s previous shows will feel right at home, but they should also expect something exciting and new. “If you do watch Arrow and Flash, Legends definitely springs from those worlds, but it also feels really different,” he says. “It’s got science fiction elements. It has time travel elements. It’s got a spaceship with a living computer on it. We’re just really excited to expand the world and have people go on this journey.”

Legends of Tomorrow premieres this Thursday, January 21, on CTV. Catch repeats on Space Saturday’s at 5e 2p. To get in the right frame of mind, click on the big, shiny image below to watch the video.


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