Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: The Legends Bring A Bit Of Dancing Queen To The London Punk Scene

The British Monarchy has faced many threats but none so great as a shapeshifter bent on impersonating the Queen (God save her) and having her locked up in a mental institution. When the Legends find out that something is amiss in London circa 1977, they suit up in their best spiked dog collars to investigate, following the trail of magic until it leads them to a band called The Smell, QE2’s favourite punks. (That sentence right there should have tipped you off to the fact that something isn’t right.)

With Nate getting the hang of his new Time Bureau desk job (featuring Taco Mondays and jaunts back to the Pleistocene era that result in Gary unleashing magical killer plants inside the Bureau’s HQ), it’s up to Ray to infiltrate the punk scene. Yes, that Ray – the least punk of all the Legends. But it’s Ray’s sweet nature that’s key here. Maybe all magical creatures don’t deserve to be sent straight to hell without a fair hearing. After he earns the band’s trust by stealing one of the Queen’s beloved corgis and getting a commemorative corgi tattoo, he finds out that their de facto leader, Charlie, is the source of the era’s magic blip. She’s a shapeshifter with the power to disrupt the timeline, but that doesn’t mean she’s evil. All Ray has to do is convince his squad that that’s true.

It doesn’t go quite as he’d planned. Charlie can’t quite trust him and uses her powers to take on his form – in his Atom Suit. But it’s five against one and the Legends come out on top… sort of. Zari has Charlie pinned to the wall and Constantine is about to send her to hell when suddenly she shapeshifts into the squad’s recently departed friend, Amaya. It softens the squad (even Constantine, who’s earlier run-in with his mother in Liverpool has made him emotional). Instead of damning her, John takes away her powers to shapeshift, leaving her stuck in Amaya’s form… permanently.

Unable to leave her in London, the crew takes her to the Waverider and puts her in a cell (without even offering her a pint). It looks like the Legends might have gained a new moral compass in this new not-Amaya. And probably just in time. Ray has admitted to helping Nora Dark escape and John has let slip to Zari that his past is coming for him. They’re going to need all the help they can get.


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