5 Heroes That Need To Show Up On DC’s Legends Of Tomorrow

DC’s Legends of Tomorrow is a treat of a show for almost any comic book fan. Who would’ve thought B-listers Captain Cold and Firestorm would be the stars of their own television series? With recent talks of Jonah Hex and Red Tornado showing up, too, we’re wondering what other spandex-wearing heroes need to be on the show.

1. Blue Beetle (Ted Kord)

ted kord 2

Jaime Reyes currently holds the mantle of The Blue Beetle in the comics, but the most iconic interpretation of the character and certainly the most loveable is Ted Kord. Imagine a perfect hybrid between Iron Man and Batman, and, BAM, you got Blue Beetle. While not the most unique and strongest hero, Blue Beetle’s humour is what sets him apart from other industrialist playboys-turned-superheroes. His banter with Martin Stein would be hilarious to see and his noble sacrifice in Infinite Crisis would make a great storyline for the series.

2. Green Lantern (Alan Scott)


This golden age interpretation of the character would fit right in for a WWII episode on the show. Alan Scott is a safe bet and one of the closest adaptations to the Green Lantern character we may see on TV considering Hal Jordan and Jon Stewart may be tied up in film rights. Green Lantern has been hinted at for a long time on both Arrow and The Flash so it’d be amazing to see this character come to fruition. Imagine how cool it’d be to finally see the Lantern battling alongside the likes of The Flash and Atom? And no green CGI costume, please.

3. The Question (Charles Victor Szasz)


The detective with no face is one of DC’s most bizarre crime-fighters. This hard-boiled detective and conspiracy theory buff would be a huge asset to the Legends if they ever needed some sleuthing done. His character never transitioned into live action maybe due to his faceless nature, but he’d fit right into a 1920’s noir storyline. He’d actually probably work a little better on Gotham, but, c’mon, you know you wanna see a fight scene between The Question and Vandal Savage similar to that of his appearance in JLU with Lex Luthor

4. Booster Gold (Michael Jon Carter)

booster gold

It only makes sense for a show about time travel to include another time-traveller in it. Booster Gold first appears in the comics as a showboating, egotistical time-traveller who would use his knowledge and tech from the future to show off grand heroics. But after having a change of heart, Booster uses his powers for good, so it’d be interesting to see that transition in Legends. Some of his coolest stories are with best friend Blue Beetle, so maybe kill two birds with one stone and include both of them in an episode?

5. Zatanna Zatara

Zatanna 2

Who doesn’t like the wise-cracking and loveable magician Zatanna? Already appearing in Smallville, she’s a character who can be adapted to TV so very well. She has the potential of even becoming a series regular as females on the show are greatly underrepresented. Her magical influence would contrast well with the technological world the show has already established and her presence could allow the ragtag group of heroes to visit new places…and dimensions.

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