Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: Legends Of To-Meow-Meow Is A Timeline Nightmare


Singing puppets, heartless girl gangs, and an all-bro squad of killers: that’s what Constantine (and his accomplice, Charlie) gets for messing around in the timeline in order to try to save the love of John’s life from being dragged down to hell. Also: Zari as a cat. We still haven’t figured that one out. The upside? Everyone seems to speak cat.

As the episode rifles through the various outcomes of Constantine’s timeline tinkering, we get a good idea of why the team works and what it would be like without certain members. Sans Sara, the guys go full Neanderthal. Without the guys, the women lose their empathy. And then there are the puppets. Shudder.


After several nightmarish attempts at changing history (see: the aforementioned puppets), it all gets straightened out (seemingly) but Constantine is still suffering. His brain is totally fried from all the timelines that currently exist in his head. Luckily, non-cat Zari’s good sense prevails and she convinces John to return to New Orleans and set things right with his doomed S.O.—only that doesn’t sit well with Charlie, who has her powers back in this new timeline and isn’t willing to let them go without a fierce fight. Her decision to pose as Ava goes really, really awry when the team nearly shoots Constantine, assuming that he (all three of him in 2018 New Orleans) is the shapeshifter.

Admitting to Sara that she’s the shapeshifter and not John, Charlie risks everything (or at least her powers, which have been everything to her). She’s rewarded by having her neck snapped and getting shot. Sara before Charlie is way harsh—which leads her to realize that she’s the missing ingredient, along with Constantine. It was Charlie that convinced the Legends that not all magical creatures are monsters, nor are they out to mess with the Time Bureau’s tidy timeline.


With John back from New Orleans where he set things right once and for all, the team can decompress a little. Though Charlie is back to being mortal, Desmond is back to being damned, and Nate’s dad has a terrifying new golf buddy.


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