Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: It’s More Timeline Chaos In Hell No, Dolly!


When a box of cereal alerts the Legends to a magical being on the loose in New Orleans, a visit to the Big Easy ensues—though the city fails to live up to its name. The Legends have a tough time there thanks to a Chucky-inspired demonic doll. The pint-sized killer is fuelled by a spirit so evil it can’t cross over out of the Earthly realm. A serial killer-obsessed Ava deduces that it’s Mike the Spike, but the team brings his charred doll corpse back to the Waverider to question it in the event that it ever wakes up (as old-timey killer dolls are wont to do).

The doll, however, is just the beginning of the team’s troubles. Ava is at odds with Rory over his continued use of the enchanted diary and their fighting serves as a huge distraction that allows Mike’s spirit to escape one doll for another Muppety toy. With it on the loose and wreaking havoc on the ship, Constantine’s dangerous forays into his own timeline almost go unnoticed.

Back in New Orleans, Priestess Marie Laveau orders Constantine to save her kin. Conveniently, he already knows him—it’s his 2018-era boyfriend, Desmond. Inconveniently, Desmond loved Constantine so much that he bound his own soul to that of a demon’s in exchange for the demon’s promise to protect Constantine. To vanquish the demon, Constantine had to send them both to hell. The decision is haunting him so he attempts to change the timeline, no matter the cost. Turns out the cost is monumental, although we won’t know exactly what it is until next week. The episode ends just as the world as we know it appears to shatter.

As if this wasn’t enough of a to do list for the Legends to tackle, there’s also the problem of armed men raiding their containment facility. They’ve already grabbed Mona’s boyfriend (no, not Gary) and were about to haul him off somewhere before Constantine smashed the timeline. Is (or was) this the work of Nate’s dad? Is his plan to weaponize the magical creatures the Legends capture already underway?

Also, um, why is Zari a cat?


Check out the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow below or watch it here.