Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: The Legends Take An Accidental Family Trip To Paris


Nate has been working through his daddy issues all season, but things really come to a head this week when Hank Heywood insists on auditing a Legends mission. After a tour of the Waverider goes awry (Nate, meet Charlie! Hank, meet Constantine… naked), the team’s only hope of hanging on to their jobs—which Hank believes a computer could do—is to show him a good time on a magical creature-capturing caper. Sara selects herself, Nate, and Rory to accompany Hank to 1920s Paris, a place where Hank’s idol sits ready to exert his bad influence.

If the Lost Generation had been aware of the concept of toxic masculinity, they’d have made Ernest Hemingway its poster boy. Upon hearing that the Legends are in Paris to hunt a monster, the writer takes the lead and heads to the catacombs where a Minotaur is rumoured to be lurking. Hemingway takes the first shot (his gun is longer) but manages to do nothing but enrage the creature. The only reason the gang make it out alive is thanks to Rory, who holds off the beast with his bare hands (and superpowers).


After some internal squabbling about how best to deal with the situation (Hank, like his hero, wants to use brute force while Constantine and Nate decide female Minotaur musk and a lute serenade will do the trick) the team agrees to try the less violent approach which totally works… until Hemingway blunders onto the scene. That earns him a TKO punch from Sara while Nate and his dad intervene to save the day—using Nate’s original plan to lull the creature with an actual James Taylor lullaby.

At HQ, Ava, Nora and the Time Bureau’s newest employee, Mona, have an accidental girls’ night in… locked in the Bureau’s magical creature containment facility (if you think that sounds like an uncomfortable spot, try being Ray—he spent the evening in an envelope). It looks like things are about to go very badly (especially for Mona) but then Ava and Nora begin to unpack their terrible childhoods (Nora’s demonic cult, Ava’s fake memories) and they bond, thanks to Mona’s knack for taming wild things. The happy ending sees Mona getting to keep her job and Nora getting to keep the love letter Ray wrote her. As for Nate, he gets the post-mission pizza party he’s always wanted.


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