Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: Tagumo Attacks!!! But The Legends Fight Back


It’s 1951 and a giant octopus is about to destroy Tokyo, and yet the Legends’ new pal Charlie swears the thing isn’t a magical creature. How can that be? Like all good art, it isn’t immediately obvious. When the squad meets an up-and-coming Japanese film director, they immediately sense he’s got something to hide. Their hunch is confirmed when they catch him trying to dispose of an ancient book with the power to bring an artist’s dreams to life… which is a problem when those dreams are of a city-flattening monster called Tagumo.

To Sara and her crew, the solution seems simple: get Tagumo’s creator to redraw an ending in which Tokyo comes out unscathed and the monster is defeated. Only the pages of the magical book won’t take on his ink. The monster in his imagination is too real—and as a survivor of the nuclear atrocity in Hiroshima, so is the destruction. The team needs the book to bond with a new artist who can create a story in which Tagumo is defeated. Naturally, they turn to Rory, a writer of fantasy fiction starring well-endowed female warriors. When you have an eight-tentacled creature to defeat, who else but a three-breasted woman to do the job? Sorry, Sara. You’ll get the next one.


Back on the ship, Ray and Nora Darhk are doing their damndest to save Constantine, who’s languishing like a drained battery nearly out of magic juice. For Nora, using magic to save him is a painful decision—in the past she’s used her powers for evil, but her father’s sacrifice has inspired her to turn over a new leaf. The downside? Her powers now terrify her. In the end, she makes the only choice she can live with: she saves Constantine and turns herself in to the Time Bureau, telling Ray that she can’t run anymore. For her, true freedom means repenting for her past crimes.

After dealing with a gang of hangry monsters at the Bureau (hey, welcome to the team, Mona!) Ava, Nate, and his dad time travel back to his family home in time for Thanksgiving dinner. All seems well (it’s so nice how Nate and his dad are finally getting along, right?) until a fateful phone call takes Mr. Heywood away from the table. Turns out he hasn’t come around at all. He has plans for the magical fugitives the Legends have been capturing: weaponizing them for something called “Project Hades.” Oh shiiiii—


Check out the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow below or watch it here.