Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: Wet Hot American Bummer Leaves A Legend In Peril


No one likes a woodlands witch sucking the life force out of innocent young campers—even when that witch is a total babe. And so three Legends and a Time Bureau official find themselves overseeing a summer camp where kids have been going missing on a nightly basis. Where to? Into the woods, of course, where something is trying to make sure they never leave. Dressed as camp counsellors (and really looking the part, with the glaring exception of Constantine), Ava, Sara, and Ray infiltrate the cabins to see if they can track down the thing responsible for abducting the kids.

It’s never been easy for adults to come off as ‘cool’ in the eyes of preteens, but Sara and Ray do a pretty great job of bonding with their charges right away. Ava… not so much. Meanwhile, Constantine lurks on the sidelines taking swigs from his hip flask. So: same as always. Desperate to protect the kids from whatever is lying in wait in the woods, Ava resorts to her worst drill sergeant instincts and immediately alienates her cabin of campers. It isn’t until she and Sara decide to use the potion John gave them that they’re really able to connect—by turning themselves into kids (and bait for the forest monster).


Thanks to a hot tip from the Legends’ new Amaya lookalike (booze is always the key to getting your enemy to talk) Zari and Mick figure out that the witch isn’t the old hag the others were expecting but instead buff young counsellor Chad (never trust a Chad). Sara and Ava use the buddy system to banish the witch with a good old stake through the heart and John and Ray revive the near-dead kids… but at a great cost to John. By the end of the episode, he’s dangerously drained, but longtime watchers will know exactly why he couldn’t let another child die. Who, though, will save him? We’ve got two words for you: Nora Darhk.

The entire caper has laid the groundwork for a new partnership between the Legends and Charlie/Not Amaya. In exchange for her help, she’s been let out of her cage… and we’re betting she’s not about to let herself be put back in there ever again.


Check out the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow below or watch it here.