Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: TFW Your Witch Hunt Unearths A Fairy Godmother


Salem, 1692: basically the last place you’d expect to find a fairy godmother, right? Well, this week’s episode of Legends is here to prove us wrong as the team heads to Massachusetts circa the Salem witch trials. Which are indeed going on. Only the real magic isn’t coming from the women who refuse to submit to the advances of the town’s scuzziest men but from the magical creature known as a… fairy godmother. But wait, this ain’t your sweet little Disneyfied grandmotherly wish-granter. This is a godmother with an axe to grind, and she’s using a young girl’s devotion to her mother to do it.

The whole situation is too much for Zari, who couldn’t save her own mother and desperately wants to help the girl, Prudence, save her mother, Jane. But an intact timeline means Jane must die… so what’s a time-travelling superhero to do? When Jane refuses to leave the cell the Puritans have locked her up in, Zari attempts to change the community’s mind with an impassioned speech and a terrifying display of her powers. That only lands both her and Jane on the pyre—exactly where Prudence’s fairy godmother wanted them. She wants revenge after spending eons imprisoned by humans, but fairy godmothers are a parasitic brand of magical creature. She needs her host to command her to torch the Puritans, which means she needs Prudence good and mad. And the Legends need to stop her.


Seeing her mother hurt sends Prudence into a well-justified rage, and she orders her godmother to put the man responsible on the pyre in Jane’s place. Just as she’s about to order her entire community to burn to ashes, Zari steps in and asks her to think about what her mother would want her to do. The answer? Not burn people to death, of course. Prudence is convinced and she releases her godmother so that Constantine can send her to hell—but not before offering her a deal. He proposes that he become her host in exchange for her protection from whatever is hunting him. But this fairy knows better. Hell is a safer option than confronting the thing that’s after Constantine.

While the team has their hands full with Ms. Magic Godmother, Ava is back at the Time Bureau trying to convince the Department of Defence head (Nate’s dad, coincidentally) that her agency needs their funding continued, despite the timeline being disaster-free. To do that, she has to convince him that magic exists (and no, Gary’s missing nipple won’t cut it). It isn’t until his father threatens to shut down the entire Bureau that Nate agrees to step in with proof of pig, err, magic. As luck would have it, Ray is released from the spell that turned him into a swine just in time. Phew! Who wouldn’t pay $4.2 billion just to never see that again?


Check out the latest episode of Legends of Tomorrow below or watch it here.