Legends Of Tomorrow Recap: The Virgin Gary Takes One For The Team In The Season 4 Premiere


Following their defeat of the ancient time demon, Mallus, the Legends team was all set for some well-deserved R&R&D (that’d be rest, relaxation, and day-drinking). But this isn’t the Jersey Shore and, naturally, Constantine has a new mission for Captain Sara and her squad: tangling with yet another magical beasty. But we’re getting ahead of ourselves.

First, there’s a misplaced Paul Revere to send back to the 1700’s and big surprise party at the Time Bureau’s DC headquarters celebrating the newly quiet timeline. No one out of place, nothing to see here, and all that… until Constantine shows up at Ava’s apartment with a fistful of magic bones and a warning for Sara: there’s still some kind of monster on the loose. He can feel it in his… bones.


Of course, the grumpy old man with the bad dye job is right—something else rode Mallus’ coattails when the Legends let him out and it’s about to change history unless they act quickly. This new anachronism may still be in hiding, but it’s already messing with the timeline. Nate’s hippy-hating dad now feels bad for the love-and-peace crowd… considering the terrible massacre that took place at Woodstock back in ‘69. Wait… what?

When the Legends suit up in their best bell bottoms and love beads to investigate, they find a beautiful unicorn (that gores festival-goers with its horn and feasts on their hearts; it also gets people really high with its psychedelic unicorn goo—no one’s perfect). With everyone completely stoned, including the Legends, it’s up to Constantine and Sara to save the day with a spell that requires Jerry Garcia’s spit, Janis Joplin’s hair, Jimi Hendrix’s necklace and… a virgin (catnip to unicorns). That’s where one-nipple Gary comes in (although at this point, he has two). The spell works but the squad nearly loses poor Gary. And we already know what Gary loses in the deal.


With the last of the anachronisms actually put back in place this time, Sara decides that it’s the perfect time to ask John to join their team for real. He responds with his usual level of warmth (read: none) and turns her down. Mean! But is it because he knows he’s a hunted man? After she leaves, something with big, invisible claws attacks him in his apartment, leaving a message for him to contemplate: “I’m coming for you Johnny” scrawled in blood.


Check out the Legends of Tomorrow Season 4 premiere below (for free!), or watch it here.