The End Is Near In The Leftovers Season 3 Trailer

The Leftovers is going out with an ABBA-infused bang.

The trailer for the third and final season of The Leftovers came out this week, first released as seven separate parts and then as a pieced-together whole by HBO a few hours later. The seven segment release strategy is likely a reference to the fact that the “Doomsday” supposed to take place in Season Three is set to arrive on the seven-year anniversary of the “Sudden Departure” around which the series is based.

As fans of the show know, the “Sudden Departure” is the event that caused 2% of the show’s global population to suddenly and mysteriously disappear, upending society into chaos and confusion. The trailer indicates that some of the Leftovers characters—who have all relocated to Australia—clearly believe that Kevin (Justin Theroux), who died and came back to life in Season Two, may be a Christ-like figure meant to save them from their impending doom.

The other significant bit of information to come from the trailer is that Nora’s (Carrie Coon) children—who she thought had been lost in the Departure—may have actually survived.

Although it’s unfortunate that The Leftovers won’t survive past three seasons, Coon has assured fans that they’ll be happy with the way the series ends. “There are a lot of directions the show could’ve taken, and, I feel in my Nora Durst heart, that they chose the right one,” she told TVLine. “I approve of the direction the show went with.”

The Leftovers returns on April 16. You can check out the full trailer, which arguably utilizes ABBA music in the most effective way since the “Epidemiology” episode of Community, below.