Is Kylo Ren Planning To Abandon The Dark Side In The Last Jedi?

Impatience is a longstanding tradition among Star Wars fans, and this trait has come to the forefront yet again, with some going so far as to form theories about The Last Jedi based on its title treatment alone. When the title of Episode VIII was announced a few weeks ago, it was accompanied by a poster with the Star Wars logo in red (see above), rather than the usual yellow. However, as IGN’s Terri Schwartz points out, this is the third time a Star Wars poster has gone in this direction, offering some room for speculation about what might be in store for us when The Last Jedi hits theatres in December.

Both films that previously went with a red teaser logo (Return of the Jedi, Revenge of the Jedi) were the third film in their respective trilogies. While The Last Jedi is only the second film in the latest trilogy, there is plenty of potential for parallels with those earlier films. “Both films feature a character turning from one side of the Force to the other,” Schwartz writes of those earlier trilogy-enders. “In Return, it’s Darth Vader turning from the darkness back to the light, while in Revenge, it’s his descent into embracing the Dark Side. Could that be a hint at the direction The Last Jedi is heading in?”


While Schwartz’s theory that Luke and/or Rey could flip to the Dark Side seems questionable—unless they go through some serious brainwashing—her speculation about Kylo Ren seems credible. “Let’s not forget Kylo Ren’s general obsession with Darth Vader. He’s desperate to follow in his grandfather’s footsteps, so why not represent him also flip-flopping allegiances in the logo of this movie? Ben Solo seems largely ignorant about the fraught path Darth Vader walked with the Dark Side, and likely isn’t aware Anakin re-embraced the Light shortly before his death. How fitting, then, that he might be retracing his ancestor’s steps, though in a way that he likely didn’t anticipate.”

Admittedly, these theories are somewhat flimsy and premature, but how else are Star Wars fans going to pass the time for the next 11 months? Real answers to your Last Jedi questions arrive in theatres on December 15. For more on Kylo’s journey to The Dark Side, check out the video below.