We’ll Finally Find Out What Happened After That Intense Krypton Finale This June


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In case you didn’t know, today is Superman’s 81st birthday—and to celebrate the milestone, we’re finally revealing when Krypton will be making its triumphant return.

The series, which follows Superman’s grandfather Seg-El (Cameron Cuffe) in the years prior to Superman’s inception, will return on June 12. In the Season 1 finale, General Zod (Arrow‘s Colin Salmon) took control of Krypton and our protagonist, Seg, got trapped in the Phantom Zone with the nefarious Brainiac (Blake Ritson). Oh, and the sequence of events that would lead to Superman’s eventual birth also became undone. No big deal.

Adam Strange (Dark Matter‘s Shaun Sipos), on the other hand, was stuck in Detroit, painfully aware of how terribly his mission to uphold Superman’s existence had failed. But all hope can’t be lost for our heroes, right? Even with Lobo, “a ruthless bounty hunter, who murdered his entire species, and possesses a genius level intellect,” now in the picture.

We don’t know much about what Seg, Adam, or the rest of the series’ characters will encounter in Season 2 (though we assume that General Zod will continue to wreak general havoc, at least for a little while). However, Krypton‘s return is now less than two months away, so we should have some more updates shortly. In the meantime, you can check out the Season 2 trailer down below.