Krypton Recap: We Meet The Man Who Makes The Sun Rise In The World Of Rau


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Up until now, we’ve only heard the Voice of Rau from behind his many-faced mask. This week, we got to see the lats, obliques, delts, and abs of Rao as he was dressed by his ladies in waiting ahead of his daily morning ritual: making the sun come up over Kandor. Who needs an alarm clock when you have the embodiment of a deity walking among you? Sunrise and sunset weren’t Rau’s only projects this episode—he was also down to pay a visit to the Rankless. That resulted in a lot of name calling and a promise to make things right… by punishing the wrong person. Also, it brought Brainiac a step to destroying Krypton.

Last week, we saw a Sagitarii shoot an innocent man during the Rankless raid. This week, someone has to pay for that. You think it would be the person who shot him, but no: it’s Lyta Zod, who stands accused by Rao itself of conspiring with the terrorist group Black Zero. To be fair, she did disobey direct orders in order to save her squad. But orders are orders.


Seg tries to help Lyta out by calling a favour from the woman he’s been told to bind with. This involves admitting that Lyta is the woman he’s actually in love with. Awkward! But desperate times call for awkward and desperate actions. An edict from Rao means a death sentence for Lyta, so. Plus Nyssa knew already.

Things couldn’t get worse (did we mention that it doesn’t look like Rhom is going to make it?) but then they totally do. On his way to the Fortress of Solitude Seg gets picked up by a pair of Sagitarii who knock him out cold and implant a mechanical bug in his body. What is it? Who knows. But watching it crawl up Seg’s nostril and then out his ear was… disturbing.


But something kinda okay does come from it: the bug proves that Seg is not one of Brainiac’s sentries and the group of rogue Sagitarii admits to knowing about Brainiac. That means there’s another gfaction trying to stop Krypton from being “collected.” There’s also a downside: they want to “tear open” Rhom to see if the sentry can be examined. Seg isn’t really cool with that idea so he makes a different deal with the rogue soldiers and ends up escaping into a blizzard far from Kandor.

The episode’s biggest revelation comes during a scene between Nyssa and her father—instead of being the devoted servants to Rao they’ve appeared to be, it comes out that their ultimate plan is to overthrow him and they’re recruiting other high-ranking Kandorians to help. Ona beats them to the Rao punch though, when she accidentally give the Voice one of Brainiac’s sentries—and it takes over his entire holy-ish body. Making a powerful tyrant even more powerful? That can’t be good.