Krypton Recap: The Rankless Initiative Goes Ahead… But Not As Planned


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Despite Lyta Zod’s bravery, the raid on the Rankless in Sector 19 will go ahead, with orders to rout out any and all Black Zero “terrorists” who might be hiding there. Since the orders come from The Voice Of Rao himself, there’s really no arguing.

The invasion is going to happen—all Lyta can do is try to make sure it doesn’t turn into a bloodbath. Telling her unit that not a single shot is to be fired unless it’s ordered by her, they go ahead with the raid. The peace almost holds, until one of her soldiers goes rogue and kills a Rankless. For that, Lyta has her arrested in front of a crowd of both Rankless and soldiers. It’s a small victory for Lyta and a huge loss for Daron-Vex. The raid was supposed to capture the leaders of Black Zero. Instead, the only arrest was of one of the Guilded’s own.


With his holographic grandfather and alien pal Adam Strange, Seg is hard at work in the Fortress of Solitude examining Brainiac’s sentry. Turns out the thing they found is just a shell. The parasitic sentry has already left its home and is out among the citizens of Kandor, looking for a body to snatch.

The sentry works quickly—once it’s invaded the body of a local, it heads straight for the planet’s data banks, latches on, downloads everything it needs to know, and worst of all, it acts as its own transmitter, sending the intel back to Brainiac almost immediately. Seg and Strange hope to stop it before it can find a host… but they aren’t fast enough.


Adam manages to steal the sentry from a junk dealer who bought it off a salvage worker but when he takes it back to hologram Val-El for analysis, they find out it’s empty. The only thing they can do now is find the person it infected—which ends up being super easy. She’s the one tossing heavily armed soldiers through the air like they’re weightless and plugging a mass of electrical cables into her own body. The sentry’s host is Rhom, a Rankless friend of Seg’s. When he confronts her (or the thing that used to be her) she replies by using her sentry-given powers to strangle him with more electrical cables. Seg begs whatever is left of her to think of her daughter and to fight the thing that’s invaded her body. It’s enough to give him a tiny reprieve, which he uses to set off the grenade Lyta gave him to shut down power across the entire sector.

With Rhom’s limp body in his arms, Seg meets up with Adam in an attempt to get her back to the Fortress to see if they can still save her. On their way, they cross paths with Lyta and confess what they’ve been up to: Brainiac is real and Seg’s grandfather was right—he’s coming for Krypton.

Lyta wants to bring Rhom before the council as evidence of Seg’s claim bit Seg won’t sacrifice her life just to prove he’s right about the Collector of Worlds. As for Brainiac himself, he’s received Rhom’s transmission… and he’s coming for Krypton.