Krypton Recap: Lyta Zod Kicks Ass On Behalf Of The House Of El—And All Rankless


Scheming, fist-fighting, and… amatuer archaeology (?!) all lead to revelations about the intentions of each of the key players on Krypton this week. Adam Strange has been keeping up his campaign to convince Seg that Brainiac is on the way and the they need to act fast if they want to stop him—millions of lives (including the ones on Earth) are at stake.

But all Seg cares about is having his revenge on the man responsible for killing his grandfather and, most recently, both of his parents. Conveniently, that man is (sorry, was— more on that later) about to become his father in law. Seg gives Strange two hours to prove that Brainiac is a) real; and b) a real threat. Which means Adam has to give up his Detroit Tigers hat and go on an archaeological dig in some place that resembles Antarctica. The good news, or maybe just news, is that he brings back something worthwhile: proof that Brainiac isn’t just on his way, he’s already there. A scout has been to Krypton to suss out the planet.


Meanwhile, Seg has been doing a bit of digging of his own. At his grandfather’s Fortress of Solitude he spends time staring at the disintegrating cape Adam brought before deciding to do some dusting—which leads him to finds out that El blood turns on his grandpa’s computer equipment AND calls up a hologram of his grandpa. The stage is set for Seg to take this whole Brainiac/saving Krypton and Earth thing seriously. Yay!

But even though Seg has told House Vex, both daughter and dad, that he won’t be taking their name and sigel, Nyssa and her father are still plotting to control him (weirdly, the Voice of Rao seems to be in on it). Seg asks to be given the Science Guild sigel instead and Rao backs him up, later telling Daron-Vex that THIS is the real way to control him.


After giving Seg a quick, post-breakup pep talk at the beginning of the episode, Lyta Zod decides to focus on her own problems. And they are big. Her commander has decided that the best way to smoke out the terrorist group Black Zero is to just go down into the slums and begin killing rankless according to each warrior’s whim. Lyta obviously disagrees (her ex is a rankless after all) and complains to his superior (her mother) who refuses to intervene.

So Lyta takes the only avenue still open to her: she challenges her powerful commander to a duel… to the death (NBD, he’s only like three or four times her size). Whoever wins the duel will also win the rank of commander but Lyta’s odds are not good. But after a brutal hand-to-hand match, she comes away bloody-faced and victorious. Her old commander comes away dead. No mercy.