Krypton Recap: A Better Yesterday, A Dark Tomorrow

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Things went very bad very quickly in this most recent episode of Krypton. Just as it looked as though Seg was getting the upper hand over his son, General Zod, Jax throws a wrench into the works and it all goes sideways. (Of course, it’s only episode five so what else can we expect?) With Zod helplessly languishing at the operational end of Seg’s gun, father and son have a discussion about the reconditioning Zod put Lyta through. Basically, he ctrl-alt-deleted her brain and left he without any empathy. She stopped feeling bad about shooting her mother… and everything else, too. Seg wants her to know the truth but a solar flare on Wegthor means that comms are down and he can’t reach her.

When the lines of communication are restored, it’s revealed that Jax has outsmarted Zod and taken Lyta hostage (cool laser eye, Jax). Her measures are extreme and Val continues to object but his words have no effect on her. She’s just seen half of the rebel forces wiped out by Zod’s tainted oxygenators — and realized Nyssa’s betrayal (though Nyssa had no idea the oxygenators had been tampered with). Jax tells Zod that he has one hour to get his Sagitari off of Wegthor or she will take Lyta’s life. Zod immediately agrees to her terms, but we don’t trust him — neither does Seg, who’s now at his son’s mercy.

Hostages of the Sagitari, Adam and Kem are set free by Nyssa who’s on her way to Kandor to get Cor Vex back from Zod (good luck with that). On the run, the two uncover a biosignal deep in the tunnels below Wegthor and immediately report their findings to Jax who deduces that Zod has been faking his troop withdrawal, going against his word and putting Lyta’s life in jeopardy. As all of Kandor watches, Jax makes her accusations public. Screens all over the city show her following through on her threat: she cuts Lyta’s throat as Seg, Jayna, Dev, and even Zod watch, helpless to do anything to save her.

5 questions we have about the latest episode of Krypton:

1. Is Lyta truly dead? Is there anyway that public execution was faked? We’ve been fooled by holograms before…

2.What will Zod do in retaliation? Without Lyta to temper his violence and ambition, how will he take this out on Kandor?

3. Is there such a thing as the perfect amount of Brainiac? The tiny sliver left inside Seg’s head seems to really be coming in handy.

4. How will Nyssa fare now that she’s left without allies on either side?

5. Hey, does anyone remember Doomsday?

Check out the full episode below: