Krypton Recap: Everything’s At Stake In A Final Battle On The Brink Of The Phantom Zone


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Brainiac has come to Kandor just in time for Krypton’s season finale… and, wow. This guy knows how to make an entrance. Beyond that, he doesn’t really have to do much more… a flick of his wrist sends Sagitari attack forces crashing to their death and he can toss a man (that’d be Seg) clear across the Fortress of Solitude with his little finger—but that, in the end, is his downfall.

The seemingly unbeatable Collector of Worlds begins to set up a cage-like perimeter around his new prize, freezing Kandorians one by one to trap them, for all of eternity, inside their own bodies while their minds remain fully conscious of what’s happening to them. The only solution left is to evacuate the city through the underground tunnels, getting as many people out as possible. Lyta calls that option cowardly, choosing instead to stay and fight—but it only results in a bigger body count.

We are, however, up one body: Val-El’s. General Zod is kind enough to take a detour back to his old stomping grounds, the Phantom Zone, where Val has been trapped since his apparent (faked) death. We say trapped because Zod stole the device that Val needed to escape. Guess we’ll call this one even—though we’re not sure that Val would… especially later on when Zod attempts to trade him and his knowledge of the future in order to save Kandor.


While Lyta is ordering the Sagitari to take one final stand, Nyssa heads for the Codex to try to retrieve her unborn child. Instead, she meets Black Zero’s Jax-Ur who reveals to her the truth about what Daron was using the Codex technology for and how it was put to the test on her, his own daughter. The original Nyssa? She died in a skimmer crash with her mother—but not before her consciousness was copied and downloaded into a Codex clone.

Back at the Fortress of Solitude, Val tells Seg that the only way to prevent Brainiac from using Val’s knowledge of the future to destroy other civilizations is for Seg to kill him (as if watching him be executed 14 years ago wasn’t traumatic enough). When Brainiac shows up, he instantly knows that Seg won’t be able to go through with it (also, that the man whose head Seg is holding a gun to is actually a hologram). To demonstrate his intellectual superiority, Brainiac approaches the hologram and dramatically waves a hand through it… which is exactly what Seg and Val had planned on. With Brainiac in place, they open the vortex above him, sucking him into the Phantom Zone. Don’t you just love a happy ending?


So do we, but this episode doesn’t have one. Seg is pulled into the vortex by one of Brainiac’s tentacles and instead of going in to retrieve him, General Zod smashes the controls under the pretext that Brainiac might also come back. That nicely restored House of El cape now bears the Zod sigel and Kandor has a new dictator/general heading up the city.

On the upside, Doomsday is on the verge of breaking out of the tomb he’s been in for, like, ever. And he looks pissed. See you next season!