Krypton Recap: Where There’s An El, There’s Hope


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Inside the Fortress of Solitude, Superman’s cape is disintegrating fast. Adam is gone and with him that nagging voice telling Seg that he needs to act soon and fight for the future of his city and his family. Now chaos has come to Kandor: Brainiac’s sentry is on a killing spree and headed straight for the generator that powers the city, Black Zero has Daron Vex and is torturing him to reveal secrets about the Genesis chamber (it’s rich people clones, btw) and the squad that tried to take down the Voice remains in hiding, trying to mount a new, last-minute defence.

General Zod is of the opinion that it’s time to revert to Plan A: unleashing an indiscriminate killer (that’d be Doomsday) on Kandor and hoping they can put him back to sleep right after he takes down Brainiac—which is kind of like firing a Kalashnikov at a cockroach. It could work, but there’s going to be a LOT of collateral damage.


Jayna is steadfastly against the idea, and she wins Seg over to her side. So even when we discover that the General has both El and Zod blood flowing through his veins (surprise, Seg! You’re a dad!) he still fails to find Doomsday in his usual sleepy time spot, despite being able to unlock the vault alone. This brings us to the showdown that’s been brewing between Jayna and her grandson and he challenges her to a duel to the death… which Lyta breaks up by shooting Jayna. Now everyone’s mad.

Despite a hot and heavy makeout session with Lyta at the beginning of the episode, Seg has paired up with Nyssa to try to unite Black Zero and the remaining Sagitari forces to stand together against the Voice. That… does not go well. Brainiac’s sentry uses his powers of mind control and has the two groups fire on each other instead of on him. Then he picks up Seg (with his mind) and prepares to drop him into a fiery abyss. But not so fast! Instead of heading to the Fortress like Seg asked her to, Nyssa stuck around to stab the Voice, which makes him… explode? Then she and Seg kiss. Huh. No one saw that coming. We also didn’t think Brainiac would arrive so quickly either, but he does, and he’s scary as hell.


And did we mention that Doomsday is slowly loosening the binds that hold him? Kandor is about to become a battleground.