Krypton Recap: Savage Night Sees Truths About Krypton’s New Arrivals Come To Light


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It’s Adam Strange versus General Zod in this showdown to prove who has Krypton’s best interests at heart. Between the power-hungry Zod (who’s already admitted to his grandmother, Jayna, that he escaped Krypton’s ultimate destruction because he’d attempted a coup and been sent to an off-world prison—by none other than Jor-El) and our slightly sketchy friend from Detroit (whose own motives aren’t completely altruistic and appear to be suspect even in the eyes of Sardath—the inventor of the Zeta Beam… which Adam stole).

So we’ve got two less-than-trustworthy guys vying for the title of ‘hero’ and one city on the brink of annihilation at the hands of Brainiac. The odds aren’t good but Seg and Lyta decide to lead a plan to take out Brainiac’s sentry (aka the Voice of Rao) anyway. Jayna and General Zod are tasked with bringing Black Zero on board. They’re in, but they want something in exchange: Daron-Vex. Unsurprisingly, Nyssa OK’s the deal in a heartbeat. He did just try to kill her, after all. Nyssa’s farewell to him proves she may be even more power-obsessed than her father—and braver and smarter, too.


The Voice of Rao, who’s been plugging himself into the Genesis Chamber before bed every night and draining the life out of all the embryos on Krypton, really needs to be stopped, whatever the cost. So it just isn’t the time to get sentimental about your old dad… or your betrothed. But Lyta does (despite making out with Seg earlier in the episode). She returns to the Outlands to retrieve Dev’s body only to find out he’s still alive, at which point she mounts a heroic effort to save him (and, conveniently, hack into Brainiac’s network to disarm his guards).

It works, but not to the full extent that it needs to. The Voice does take a pretty epic tumble into the Genesis Chamber, but survivor that he is, he climbs back out to seek his revenge. That involves planting a bomb in poor little Ona and sending her straight to Seg. Just as the sweet little girl is about to have her reunion with her uncle Kem, she begins to glow red with an angry fire so Adam (and the Zeta Beam) swoop in to create a shield between Seg and the blast. Ona is gone for good, but Adam? He’s gone too—but to a place we don’t recognise at all. One thing’s certain: we’re not in Kandor anymore.