Krypton Recap: Things On Krypton Go From Bad To Worse In Transformation


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When Brainiac’s sentry attacked the Sagittari sent to assassinate the Voice of Rao last week, we didn’t think the situation in Kandor City could get any worse. Surprise! It totally has. While Jayna-Zod escaped the sentry’s mind-controlling tentacles, her closest Sagittari fighters—including Lyta’s betrothed, Dev-Em—did not. Now Jayna is a fugitive, along with her co-conspirator Nyssa-Vex, who’s been completely sold out by her own father in an effort to save his own cowardly skin.

Daron’s coup cover story (that he was out of town on a diplomatic mission) doesn’t fool Brainiac’s sentry. In exchange for his own life, he gives up his fellow traitors and suggests that the sentry execute them all, including Nyssa. When Seg finds out she’s in trouble, he insists on mounting a rescue, against Lyta’s objections. As he goes off to look for Nyssa, Lyta goes her own way with Dev to find Jayna—and ends up killing him when she discovers he’s been Brainiac’d. So there’s one love triangle simplified (until Nyssa kisses Seg later on in the episode and we’re right back where we started: at complicated).


To further confuse things, when Jayna meets her future grandson, the infamous General Zod, she asks him two questions: why didn’t he come to his family first instead of aligning himself with Black Zero and who is the General’s father? His answer to the first question is vague. His answer to the second seems like an outright lie. He never knew his father, he says. Only that he was a soldier that died during the battle to save Kandor. Hmm.

And about that whole ‘saving Kandor’ thing… the best plan Lyta and Seg can come up with is to make chaos at the Nova Cycle ceremony and provoke the Sentry into revealing himself to the crowd. Instead the Sentry, still masked as the Voice Of Rao, tells Kandorians that he has ascended to a god-like plane and offers all of them eternal life while erasing the divide between the Rankless and the Guilded. Basically, he’s the most popular guy in Kandor now.


The only… hope (although that seems like too strong a word) is that Adam Strange is right (as opposed to evil) and will act to stop this whole thing from happening. How? We have NO idea.