Krypton Recap: What Follows A Bloody Coup? Civil Wars, Naturally


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You know that thing where you’re trying to decide which sketchy dude from the future is telling you the truth about the destruction of your planet and you realize that both of them kind of suck? That’s the sitch Seg is in this week when the sudden appearance of Lyta’s son (who is none other than General Zod—yep, that General “Superman’s Greatest Enemy” Zod) calls everything his new friend Adam Strange has told him into question.

At issue is the fact that Adam never bothered to mention that while, yes, he is here in Kandor to try to help Seg save Krypton, the planet is doomed anyway. At best, it’s got another two centuries. Just long enough for Kal-El to be born. We hope. This glaring omission creates a rift between Seg and Adam, and he decides to go along with General Zod who has a plan to unleash a weapon so fearsome that even the immortal Brainiac stands no chance against it.


Once they find the weapon (aka Doomsday—yep, that Doomsday), it’s deemed too destructive to unleash. That, plus the fact that the catacomb-dwelling clan who’ve vowed to guard the weapon with their lives put up a pretty good fight. Still siding with Zod, Seg tells Adam he’s welcome to ride back to Kandor with them but from there, he can head back to the planet Detroit—and stay there.

Things suddenly seem far less clear right now in terms of who the real enemy is. Adam’s warning was about an entity from the future coming to destroy Kandor. Brainiac, says Zod, isn’t from the future. But General Zod is. For that matter, so is Adam. So who is it that Strange was warned about? And why do these kinds of warnings of impending doom always come in the form of riddles?

It’s Nova Cycle closing time back in Kandor and The Voice of Rao (who, if you’ll recall, is now also the Sentry of Brainiac) decides to open up the closing ceremonies to the public. That’s a problem because Nyssa, Daron, Jayna, and Dev-Em have been planning on detonating a bomb at the altar to take out The Voice. If they go ahead with the plan, scores of innocent Kandorians will die with him. At the last second, they come up with a backup plan: ambush Rao in his chambers instead.

But TVR (can we just call him TVR?) has a surprise up his golden, many-faced mask: sentry tentacles that latch onto the Sagitarii’s skulls and (we assume) take over their bodies the way the sentry has taken over The Voice. No wonder Ona didn’t take him up on that offer.