Krypton Recap: It’s Honour Before Family In The House Of Zod

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Being a Zod ain’t easy. When you’re not getting your ass handed to you by your own mother in combat, you’re being thrown in jail for treason, or having to fight your brother for the right to make it back alive from an ice storm death march your dad ordered you to go on. If you thought your parents were hard on you, you won’t after this episode. Through flashbacks it’s revealed that Jayna-Zod had an even harder childhood that she gave her daughter, Lyta. Jayna’s dad instilled in her the idea that your honour is more important than anything else in the world, including your life or the life of one of your family members.

Which is why Jayna seems so resistant to the idea of conspiring against Rao with Daron and Nyssa Vex—even though it would mean that Lyta’s wrongful treason conviction (and the death sentence that goes with it) would be overturned by Daron. But Lyta has accepted her fate bravely, saluting her mother just as she is about to be beheaded… Which is when Daron swoops in to say that the witness against Lyta has recanted (and been found dead in her cell—a faked suicide). With Lyta free, you’d think mother and daughter would have a nice little reunion. Instead, Jayna tells her she’s her greatest shame. Ouch.


Maybe Lyta will understand once she has her own child. Which, oddly, she will… by the end of the episode. Well, he’s not exactly a child anymore but he does claim to be her son. And he has the one-of-a-kind  Zod family necklace to prove it. How is this possible? We’re guessing it’s going to take us until next week to wrap our brains around that one.

Speaking of brains, Brainiac is still on course for Krypton and Seg may have screwed up the only workable plan to stop him. When he freed himself from one of several factions attempting to hold him captive in underground, he took another prisoner with him, Raika. She leads him to a second less than friendly group. They do not enjoy Seg’s ancestors and claim that Els have the power to destroy everything… and that they’ve done it before. The first group of grumpy dudes end up recapturing Seg though, and they’re pissed. According to them, Raika was the key to stopping Brainiac. Oops.


On an unauthorized mission to rescue Seg from freezing to death in the ice storm, Lyta and Adam pick up his trail and are led right to him and to one of his captors. It’s a family reunion of sorts because that’s when this big, burly, fully grown man tells Lyta she’s his mother. Kryptonian genealogy is complicated.