Krypton’s Cameron Cuffe Says His Show Is More Sci-Fi Than Superhero


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Ahead of the big series premiere on March 21, we sat down with Cameron Cuffe for a Krypton Q&A to get the lowdown on the mega-anticipated show straight from the source: it’s lead actor.

Cuffe’s soon-to-be-widely-known alter ego is Seg, of the House of El—yeah, that’s the same grand lineage Superman himself descends from. Seg is Supe’s (Kryptonian name: Kal) future grandfather and the plot of Krypton sees him align with a time-travelling Earthling in an attempt to make sure that planet’s super saviour actually gets born. We all know that Krypton is doomed, but the premise of this new series centres on that fateful doom arriving a full two generations earlier.

Cuffe’s character, along with his family, find themselves in a kind of riches-to-rags situation and it’s up to Seg to restore the family’s name. The series, says Cuffe, is unlike any other superhero show currently on TV. “There’s no suiting up to fight bad guys,” he tells us. Instead, it’s all shades of grey: there are no pure villains and no pure heroes. Everyone thinks they’re doing the right thing—and they’re willing to fight for that.

According to Cuffe, this is a show that’s more sci-fi than superhero.

Watch him explain in the video below.