Watch Brainiac Prove He’s Earned His Place As Krypton’s Big Bad


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Bow down before The Collector Of Worlds, also known as Brainiac, the arch nemesis in the newest superhero spinoff series, Krypton. In the lead up to the show’s big March 21 premiere, we’ve got a brand new clip introducing us to this formidable DC villain—trust us, this is a version of Brainiac (played by Blake Ritsonthat will bring something new (and scary) to the small screen.

“We decided to take a run at making him colder and more emotionally distant and ancient,” says DC President and Chief Creative Officer Geoff Johns.

“Braniac’s never been seen before like this,” adds Executive Producer David S. Goyer.

See for yourself in this minute-long clip that introduces soon-to-be fans to Krypton’s dark take on the Superman universe. Decaying skull spaceships? We’ve got ‘em!