Krypton Season Finale Recap: The Alpha And The Omega Rise


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The good guys put the baddies on ice this week in the season finale of Krypton (and when it comes to Doomsday, we mean that quite literally). Just as it looked as though General Dru Zod was about to crush the last bit of life out of the resistance, Jayna and Dev give Lyta the pep talk she needs to rally the troops (angry Sagitari that have realized how much Zod truly sucks) and fake it before she makes it with her own little army. But even that doesn’t go quite as planned. Zod must have spies everywhere. It feels like nothing can happen in Kandor without him hearing about it. 

In the end, however, the snowy battle that Jayna, Dev, and the rebels still manage to mount provides the ultimate distraction: Seg and Lyta are able to sneak into Kandor to bring a message to the people of Krypton. Seg tells his fellow citizens all about Zod’s somatic reconditioning program, the knock-out punch being the reappearance of Lyta with her Black Mercy/faked death tale of woe and triumph. This turns Zod’s already testy troops fully against him. When he orders the arrest of Seg and Lyta, they all but roll their eyes at him. 

An epic fist fight between the three—mother, father, and dictator son—ends with Seg on the verge of strangling his own child. But Lyta can’t bear to see Dru die that way, and so Zod meets the same fate he had once designed for his mother: a deep sleep with the Black Mercy. Though that comes after Seg forces him to order the withdrawal of troops from New Lurvan. And while we understand Lyta’s decision to show her son some pity, the fantasies he has while under the influence of the Black Mercy definitely hint at a dark future… mainly for Earth. 

Did we mention that Lobo is back? Because of course he is (the man has his own spin-off, after all). Still furious with Brainiac, Lobo is in the mood to make a deal: he and Seg agree to team up and go after Brainiac, who has big plans for little baby Jor-El. Also, we find out what Nyssa has been up to. It involves swiping Adam Strange’s zeta beam gadget and making tracks for a distant planet in an effort to get her son back. What she finds is… disturbing.  


Five questions we have about the Krypton Season 2 finale:

1. The Black Mercy plant holding down Dru Zod isn’t the strongest of its species—should we expect to see the General return next season?

2. OMG, are we going to Earth in Season 3?

3. Brainiac’s plan to turn Jor-El into a “god” doesn’t sound like good news for Earthlings… should we be worried?

4. Hands up if you’re good at math: what time period would Jor-El and Brainiac be arriving on Earth?

5. Is Nyssa stuck on Thanagar? Will she ever see her son again? What did that Omega symbol she saw mean? Is it a hint?

Check out the full episode below: