Krypton Recap: Blood Moon Ends Some Heroic Lives Too Soon

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During some rare downtime, our heroes get a chance to catch up and brace for the latest evil scheme from the warped mind of General Zod. According to Lyta—who got close enough to make some disturbing discoveries—he plans to unleash Doomsday on all voices of dissent (and their planets). Realizing there’s no time to waste, Seg immediately hatches a plan to head for Wegthor, in order to prepare the rebels for what’s to come. While Lyta wants to join him, her assistance is refused due to ill health and Nyssa agrees to be Seg’s battle buddy instead. Before the departure, she also finds the time to casually inform him that he might be the love of her life.

While Zod’s Black Mercy toxin is making it possible for him to control the mighty Doomsday, Lyta is free of this substance’s controlling properties. However, she’s still struggling with some unpleasant withdrawal symptoms, which puts her in an ideal frame of mind to list her mistakes and beg her mother for forgiveness. Fortunately, Jayna’s a pretty compassionate mom and she refuses the opportunity to feed into this guilt trip. As she sees it, Lyta was raised to be a warrior and she has delivered on her potential, making Jayna one very proud mom.


Upon arriving in Wegthor, Seg and Nyssa have little time to settle in and visit the local attractions because Zod’s latest attack is imminent. These visitors hope to lure Doomsday into the tunnels and trap him by detonating some explosives, but before that can happen, the rebels take a crack at this imposing creature. After unleashing a lengthy display of firepower, they briefly believe he’s been defeated. Following a short-lived celebration, Doomsday rises to his feet, runs at his opponents, and demonstrates his capacity for brutality.

After Seg and Kem descend into the tunnels, a power outage strikes, jeopardizing the mission and our heroes’ chances of survival. As Seg prepares to detonate the aforementioned explosives, Doomsday suddenly arrives on the scene, leaving his latest adversaries unconscious. When they awake, it becomes clear that the detonator is missing. According to Seg, failing to locate this device would be the end of the resistance—and many lives. In a moment of heightened bravery, Kem both seeks and finds the detonator. When he finally crosses paths with Doomsday, he pays the ultimate price (you guessed it, Kem is dead), but also saves the day by blowing Doomsday to smithereens.


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Krypton:

1. That was one seriously explosive finale. Who made it out of Wegthor alive?

2. How will our heroes respond to Kem’s brave sacrifice?

3. Do Nyssa and Seg have a romantic future together?

4. Dev says he always wanted to be with Lyta, eventually settling for a fling with her clone. Will he strike up a relationship with the real deal?

5. How will General Zod react to the loss of his greatest weapon (Doomsday) and the failure of his latest evil scheme?

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