Krypton Recap: Zod Have Mercy? Not A Chance


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We knew it. Not for a second did we think that we’d seen the last of Lyta Zod (okay, maybe for one second). Lyta’s not dead—that was her clone who we saw sacrificed in front of all of Kandor. Lyta has endured a fate nearly as bad: she’s been playing host to a toxic parasitic plant that her son has been cultivating for a very special purpose.

How do you tame a Doomsday monster? By keeping him locked in a fantasy world—a suggestive state that will have him obeying Zod’s every order. The plan isn’t perfect, though. By extracting the toxin he needs to use on Doomsday, Zod weakens the dream world he’s kept Lyta locked inside, the one where she and Seg escape to Kryptonopolis to get married and live a perfect life… with Jayna’s blessing. That’s our first clue that this fantasy sequence we’re seeing isn’t real.


The toxin begins to do its work on Doomsday, but the scales are tipped and Lyta frees herself from the Black Mercy plant to be reunited with Jayna and Dev. What are they doing in Zod’s fortress of certain death? Trying to disarm the dictator’s new fleet before he can use it to completely decimate Wegthor and what remains of the resistance. Originally, they’d been a sabotage team of four, but when the squad was surrounded by Sagitari, Seg and Nyssa surrendered, letting Dev and Jayna steal away unnoticed. 

When another unit of Sagitari surround Jayna and Dev, it’s Lyta that comes to their rescue, which shocks the hell out of Dev. Lyta manages to explain herself and the three of them create a diversion that frees Seg and Nyssa from the dark cell Zod has tossed them into, threatening Nyssa with somatic reconditioning. Everyone is reunited in the tunnels below Zod HQ and Seg and Lyta have a quick make out sesh (right in front of Nyssa). As for us, we get to be happy for them for all of 30 seconds before Zod finds out that his mother is missing and orders a smack-down on the resistance. Gulp.


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Krypton:

1. Ooh, what’s that look on Nyssa’s face? Was she truly falling for Seg? Love triangle: back on. 

2. What’s happening on Wegthor? With comms down do they have any inkling of what Zod is planning to do to them?

3. Seg has done a digital search for Brainiac and come up with nada—will he be reunited with his son this season?

4. How will Seg balance the promises he’s made to Nyssa with his love for Lyta?

5. If Lyta can break free from the Black Mercy, can Doomsday?

Check out the full episode below: