Krypton Recap: In Zod We Trust Sees Seg Make A Risky Decision


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We couldn’t bring ourselves to say it last week but, RIP Lyta Zod? Even now, after a closer look at Lyta’s lifeless body, we still aren’t convinced that this is the last we’ll see of her. Fingers crossed. Admittedly, there are bigger problems on Krypton than this single death. For example, the much larger number of civilians that died because of Val’s decision to strike back at Zod.

Taking Jax’s advice, Val detonated the base located at the space elevator between Krypton and Wegthor, cutting off Zod’s military supply chain—but at what cost? Can the rebels win if the people of Krypton no longer support their tactics? Killing Lyta seems to have set of a chain of events that feature one questionable decision after another. Only Adam and Kem voiced their dissent as Val showed Zod how far he was willing to go.


Not that Zod gave anyone much of a choice. He’d already demanded that Val hand over Jax for killing Lyta, and it seemed likely that even if Val had complied, Zod would have tested out his new Codex-enabled toy on the rebels sooner or later (our bet: sooner). Instead, it’ll be our old pal Doomsday who gets to be the first guinea pig.

Seg, Dev, and Jayna are still struggling to come to terms with Lyta’s death when Dev picks up some intel that Nyssa is back in Kandor looking to trade the Codex for Cor-Vex. Zod, of course, had never planned on letting Nyssa see her son again (or live). Her rescue squad gets there just as she figures this out, managing to take out two Sagitari all on her own. From there, the plan to hand over the Codex plays out seemingly in favour of the good guys: Nyssa trades it for Cor and makes a daring escape before Zod can stop her. Zod gets the Codex, but Val has already insured that he won’t be able to use it—we hope. Zod’s tech team think they’ve found a work-around, but it remains to be properly tested. Zod has decided to remedy that himself.


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Krypton:

1. Call it a lack of imagination, but we just can’t see any universe in which Brainiac could be trusted to hold up his end of the bargain. But will he?

2. Will Zod’s new Codex-enhanced weapon work or will Val’s fail-safe hold?

3. Um, did Zod know where Doomsday was this whole time? Because it sure didn’t take him long to track the guy down.

4. What consequences will Val’s very un-Val-like tactical maneuver have for the rebels?

5. Wait a second, didn’t Nyssa die in a car crash only to be recreated by her father using the power of the Codex? Couldn’t the same be done for Lyta?

Check out the full episode below: