Krypton Recap: Will To Power Drives Seg Towards Home


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“Hello? Anyone in there?” is basically Adam’s entire MO this episode as Seg battles Brainiac for the right to remain in control of his own body. The two keep retreating to their own private battlefield inside Seg’s noggin where Brainiac tries to use Seg’s memories to manipulate him emotionally. Brainiac’s weakness, however, is that he has no emotions—and so he fails to comprehend the complexity of Seg’s. As Lobo hunts Seg and Adam through the forests of Colu, the pair (trio, if you count Brainiac) come up with a plan to leave Brainiac behind and escape to Krypton.

Because both Seg and Brainiac have access to each other’s memories, Seg knows about the natal chamber on Colu where Brainic was “birthed” (we’re with Adam on this one: ew). They head there to see if the chamber’s supercomputer will take Brainiac back. Annoyingly, Lobo is hot on their heels and while the natal chamber protects them, he manages to get his severed arm inside and begins to regenerate himself from there. It is exactly as gross as it sounds. Meanwhile, Seg is all up in his own head letting us believe that Brainiac has the upper hand with his on-point Lyta impression. But Seg is only pretending. Brainiac is banished from Seg’s body and he and Adam manage to use the Zeta Beam to successfully return to Krypton. Sure, Seg dies along the way, but Adam restarts his heart. We’ll call this a win.


On Wegthor, the battle between Zod’s forces and the rebels is about to get underway. Val still doesn’t know about Nyssa’s betrayal, so he frees her from her makeshift quarters, allowing her to hook up with a former flame and steal some information about the rebels’ plans. We don’t know why, but she doesn’t like what she sees. Will she pass it on to Zod? 

Speaking of Wegthor, Lyta has convinced Zod to let her go up there to lead the battle. It’s what she wants, but what is he getting out of it? Does Zod want her around, or does he figure it’s safer to have her out of the way (permanently)? We know that Lyta believes she can broker a kind of peace and minimise the battle casualties. Something tells us that Zod would prefer to see the rebels wiped out entirely, ensuring that his make-Krypton-great-again path is obstacle-free.


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Krypton:

1. What kind of plan is Jayna cooking up? Can Lyta really be “saved”?

2. Dev crying hurt our hearts. Why is Dev crying?! What’s happened to him since he left the Sagitari?

3. When Lobo regenerates his body, do his pants regenerate, too?

4. What will Nyssa’s next move be? Can she really continue to betray the rebels after Val’s moving speech? No one is that cold-hearted, right?

5. We’re not in danger of some sort of regenerated Brainiac/Lobo combo, are we? Because that would be one hell of a self-hating super-villain.

Check out the full episode below: