Krypton Recap: Ghost In The Fire, Brainiac In The Body

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On Krypton, we’re always asking questions like ‘Where’s Brainiac?’ and ‘Where’s Doomsday?’ Well, this week we got some answers. Doomsday is in the Outlands (so is Jayna and a bunch of other Kandor rejects). Brainiac, who we thought had moved onto some sort of afterlife, is actually alive and well and slowly co-opting Seg’s body. Damn.

At first, it seemed like a good thing: Seg had all these cool new telepathic and telekinetic powers that basically kept Lobo from murdering the hell out of him and Adam. But it became a problem when a) Lobo used his scanner thingy to determine that Brainiac was no longer inside the Brainiac corpse Seg had made; and b) Seg began to feel like Brainiac’s consciousness was suffocating his own. Desperate and scared, Seg refuses to use the Zeta Beam to return to Krypton. He won’t risk bringing Brainiac back there again. With his eyes getting more Brainiac-esque by the minute, he makes Adam promise to kill him if and when Brainiac fully takes over.


Having made her way back to Wegthor, Nyssa puts her plan to retrieve her son into action. She admits that she’s been sent to spy for Zod but feeds Val and Jax some intel that’s part of a plan to trap them and defeat the resistance. We get it: she loves Cor-Vex (he’s a pretty cute baby), but to betray the rebels for him? That’s pretty low.

Also low? Beating the hell out of a Sagitari trainee just because he looks a bit like your ex. Oh hey, Lyta! Seg’s absence is making the usually tough Lyta Zod go a little soft in the head. She spends her time staring at a hologram of him, hallucinating him, and pining over the Kandor she’s lost to Zod’s “improvements.” Of course, she snaps right out of it when Zod hands her a new reason to live and love again: baby Cor-Vex. We knew Nyssa wouldn’t be getting him back so easily. Zod is a manipulative [insert choice expletive here].


5 questions we have about the latest episode of Krypton:

1. What is Jayna’s plan now that she’s rejoined civilization (sort of)? She made quite the entrance and is already stirring things up… will she team up with the resistance?

2. Hi Dev-Em! What have YOU been up to?

3. Will Nyssa successfully steal the Codex from the resistance? Is that how she’ll get Cor-Vex back? We doubt that’ll go over well with Lyta.

4. Is Jayna the one person who can talk Lyta down from this ledge she’s on?

5. How does one extract a Brainiac from their body? Asking for a friend (Seg).

Check out the full episode below: