Krypton Recap: Light-Years From Home (But Far From Alone)


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It’s been six months since we left Kandor, and Zod has put his heart and soul—wait, does Zod have either of those things? You know what, let’s just say he’s put a lot of energy into “perfecting” Krypton. His efforts to make Krypton great again include wiping out the resistance, frying the brains of rebels, and locating Doomsday so that he can harness the monster’s destructive powers against the planets he plans to conquer ASAFP. Trapped in the Phantom Zone and unable to challenge Zod, Seg is celebrated as a martyr who sacrificed himself for Krypton. Bet that’s going to backfire when/if Seg ever makes it back to his home planet.

On the upside, he has made it out of the Phantom Zone. With a little nudge from Brainiac, he finds the wormhole he believes leads to Krypton and muscles his way through it. Which is how they both end up on Brainiac’s home planet of Colu, with Brainiac lol’ing about how easy it was to manipulate Seg’s emotions and trick him into thinking he was going home. For that, Brainiac gets a branch to the cranium. RIP or whatever.


After Adam shows up, it seems like Kandor is just a Zeta Beam ride away. But then we meet Lobo. We’re not sure what he wants, and neither are Seg and Adam (because Lobo KO’d them seconds after the three met).

The rebels, led by Jax-Ur and real Val (as opposed to hologram Val) are still in Kandor launching their plan to retreat to Wegthor, a Kryptonian moon that has yet to come under the control of Zod, and rebuild the resistance. Nyssa is with them, along with her son (also Seg’s son) Cor-Vex, but she’s separated from the group after she walks directly into a trap laid for her by Lyta. Now she’s a prisoner of Zod who’s using her baby to blackmail her into getting Val onside with Zod’s plan for intergalactic domination. We’re only on the first episode and already we’re in such a dark place.

Zod won’t be satisfied ruling Krypton alone—as Adam has already seen a future version of the General who’s successfully conquered Earth. Not pretty. But Nyssa doesn’t have much of a choice. It’s deliver Val to Zod, or have Zod raise her son. With Val and Jax-Ur having left her behind for Wegthor following a Sagitari attack on their hideout, things look really bad for Nyssa and her baby.


5 questions we have about the Season 2 premiere of Krypton:

1. Brainiac’s uninhabited home planet appears to be a little more inhabited than he claimed. Who is Lobo, and how did he wind up on Colu?

2. How is Lyta rationalizing Zod’s plan to use Doomsday to conquer other planets? Did her conscience get picked off in last season’s finale battle or was it just seriously wounded?

3. Does the fact that Seg killed Brainiac mean that planet Detroit is free again?

4. How ironic is it that after all the hi-tech plans that Krypton employed to defeat Brainiac, in the end, it was a simple stick that did him in?

5. What does Seg’s Phantom Zone-induced vision of Zod strangling Lyta mean?

Check out the full episode below: