Knight Guardians Parody The Ultimate Dystopian Future: A Trump Presidency

You know we’ve hit peak Trump media saturation when even comic books are getting in on the presidential contender parody game. Knight Guardians of Relativity are taking their own shot at the Republican candidate with a video that puts Donald Trump in the Oval Office—a waking nightmare that has an unsettling chance of becoming reality this November.

The sci fi series imagines a world which humanity has spent millennia building up, torn down, and destroyed by our own greed and stupidity (specifically, the nuclear kind). The catalyst? A Trump Whitehouse, for starters.


Clad in a stars-and-stripes-print Speedo (our apologies to your retinas), “President” Trump takes over 1600 Pennsylvania Ave and gives it a Trump Tower makeover. Think: big gold letters about the entrance, a waterslide-equipped pool on the North Lawn, and Learjet parking everywhere else. The Trump reno also remedies a major shortcoming in the Oval Office: the lack of a 12-person Oval Hot Tub (no uglies, fatties, foreigners, refugees, or commies allowed).

Check out the parody video below and preview the comic for free here. The new edition of Knight Guardians launches this November.