The Killjoys Cast Land At Toronto ComiCon To Talk About The Upcoming Season

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Luke Macfarlane had one overwhelming feeling following the season-ending cliffhanger of the Killjoys’ inaugural run: gratitude—that his character wasn’t killed off.

“I thought ‘Well, that’s it. I guess I’m axed.’ It was terrifying. No actor wants to read that they’re banished somewhere.”

While an unhappy end on Arkyn may have seemed uncomfortably close for D’Avin as the season wrapped up, Macfarlane and his castmates are relieved to report that when the series returns, his character will too.

At this weekend’s Toronto ComiCon, Killjoys stars Macfarlane, Hannah John-Kamen, and Aaron Ashmore, along with showrunner Michelle Lovretta, dropped big news about what’s on the horizon for the trio of interplanetary bounty hunters… or should we say quartet?

Here’s what we learned about the upcoming season of Killjoys and the show’s stars at their ComiCon panel this weekend:

D’Avin’s troubles are far from over. Macfarlane relayed that in one of the new episodes, the Killjoys’ special effects team has to do something really unpleasant to him. Over and over again. It was so awful that one of the effects guys felt guilty about it and bought Macfarlane a case of beer. Not a pint. A case.


A certain character who we’ve heard from but never seen may be made visible this season, and her relationship with one Killjoy in particular is expanded upon. “John does love his tech,” quipped Ashmore. Here’s a big fat hint at who we’re talking about:


The new season will bring in a whole host of new characters while delving deeper into the mystery of Level Sixes, Red 17, and whatever the hell is happening on Arkyn. The mission for Dutch, says John-Kamen, is “to get to the bottom of Red 17 and Khlyen and where she fits in with all of this.”


You’ve heard of stunt doubles but what about stunt dresses? John-Kamen explains that fancy gowns Dutch frequently wears are specially made for fight scenes. “It’s amazing, they design it so there’s shorts underneath and it’s designed to split open so I can move around—with modesty,” jokes the actor.


Hannah is an incredible secret keeper. Like her cagey character Dutch, the actor knows how to hold her tongue. Before filming began on the first season the show, John-Kamen had a small role in a HUGE movie and never mentioned it once to any of her Killjoys cast or crew. The movie? Star Wars: The Force Awakens. “It was my first spaceship,” says the actor. No wonder she she looks like she owns every ship she sets foot on in Killjoys.


Killjoys will return to Space later this year. Check back for the announcement about the season two premiere date.