Killjoys Series Premiere Recap: “Bangarang”



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Welcome the The Quad. It’s the planetary system where a pair of Reclamation Agents who call themselves Dutch and John make their home. They make their living as Killjoys, pursuing warrants issued by their command, the RAC. Once these citizens of nowhere claim a warrant, they’ve got to see it through—or else, as we find out quickly in the series premiere.


Coming off of a difficult job on rough and tumble Westerley, The Quad’s seedy, industrial hub, John tells Dutch that he needs a little “me time”—weird, because in the six years the pair has worked together he’s never once asked for time alone. Something’s up. Something called D’avin, John’s cranky, estranged brother. When John sees that there’s a level five warrant out for him (that’s a kill warrant, not a “just bring him in for a fine and a stern talking to” warrant) he acts impulsively, using Dutch’s good name (and credentials) to claim the warrant against his bro.


This, unsurprisingly, creates all kinds of problems. While John has no trouble tracking down D’Avin (and Dutch has no trouble tracking down John), there is still plenty of trouble to be had. With another Killjoy in hot pursuit, the pair barely get D’Avin to safety in one piece. Once they do, they’re nowhere near being in the clear. John claimed a kill warrant in Dutch’s name. If D’Avin isn’t served up deader than a moon rock, the warrant it transferred to Dutch, and she becomes a target of other Killjoys.

Their only hope is to trade D’avin’s life for someone the warrant issuer wants dead even more than they want D’avin dead. No small feat, but they manage to find a guy at a garden party on the wealthy planet of Qresh.


While D’Avin and John corral their target, a monk/resistance fighter with a nose ring full of data that he stole from The Company, Dutch is dealing with being nicked by a poison blade thrown her way by another Killjoy. Luckily, a long lost someone appears in time to give her an antidote—but that comes at a price.

A flashback to her childhood reveals something about her past that even her longtime partner John doesn’t know.


Thanks to a well-accessorized Dutch, the three escape Qresh unharmed, their mission accomplished—though the RAC nearly rescinds Dutch’s Killjoy status for the warrant switcheroo she and John pulled.

The episode wraps up with D’Avin grilling his brother about Dutch’s past and John admitting that while he doesn’t have a lot of answers, he trusts her—more than he trusts D’Avin, anyway.

Back on their ship, Dutch is greeted by the ship’s computer who informs her that she’s had a visitor. A mysterious red box identical to the one we saw in the flashback sits on her bed and Dutch does not look happy to see it.


Okay, we’re officially hooked.


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