Killjoys Series Finale Recap: May We Have This Last Dance?


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It seemed like only yesterday when our three little Killjoys were taking their first steps towards saving the galaxy. Now, they’re all grown up (Dutch and D’avin even got their sh*t together enough to use the L-word) and in the middle of the fight to end all fights (except for a few smaller fights that may or may not come after.).

Dutch most certainly got The Lady’s attention when she razed Old Town to the ground—alien teenagers and all. Now she’s bombing the hells out of other cities in the Quad in retaliation. Naturally, Dutch has a plan. Taking Khlyen to Arkin (full circle, baby), she lures The Lady into another of Khlyen’s cubes, trapping her there with a shield that she can’t get out of or bring her troops into. Basically, it’s the least fun slumber party ever organised—even more so when The Lady uses her control collars to make Dutch and Khlyen fight to the death—or close to it, anyway. It’s good to know that old Khlyen can still muscle through a stab wound or two.


On Qresh, Aneela and Delle Seyah are taking their semi-rightful places as co-Queens, using Aneela’s Hullen heritage to scare the living daylights out of the Qreshi elites who roll over and hand off the codes to the planet’s arsenal pretty fast. It’s a joy to watch. In the end, Kendry even gets to become Hullen again. As for Jaq, he manages to rescue himself on The Lady’s Armada, reconnecting with his dad and Uncle Johnny and using his psychic powers to determine exactly how to take down the woman who tried to clone him.

And on Arkin, Dutch and Khlyen come out ahead of The Lady when Khlyen uses his old technique of storytelling to help Dutch win. Her team simultaneously kills The Lady’s true body, leaving her consciousness trapped in a regular human one. We hope she likes her new home in the cube—maybe she’ll learn what it means to truly be human in there. Our Killjoys get a brief party moment (in prison, of course) before they realize that half of The Lady’s fleet escaped into space with her bloodthirsty babies on board. But with the reformed RAC on their tail, it’s unlikely they’ll get very far. Insert series finale applause here.


5 things we loved about the series finale of Killjoys:

1. The idea that Delle Seyah Kendry and Aneela will get to kick ass across galaxies together, for eternity.

2. Jaq is reunited with all three of his parents. Aw.

3. Johnny is going out on his own to figure out what he really wants out of life—but not before one last mission!

4. The moment where Dutch gave The Lady a doll instead of a weapon. Touché.

5. Pip came back! Pree is Lord Governor of Westerley! So many wins.