Killjoys Season Premiere Recap: Boondoggie Takes Us Into Hackmod Territory

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The warrant is low on the list of priorities as the new season of Killjoys kicks off with Dutch preparing her team for war while Johnny explores the outer limits of the J with Clara—until she disappears, that is. Tracking his Hackmod pal to a deserted space warehouse, he finds not her but her beloved machine gun arm, Alice—attached to a completely different human.

Johnny and Ollie (Bitten’s Tommie-Amber Pirie) have been sent the same signal, emanating from the arm, and it throws them together. As a recently escaped Hackmod, Ollie doesn’t have a lot of options in front of her, so she gives in to Johnny’s demand that she help him find Clara.

That takes them to Rat City—a semi-safe zone for Hackmods who’d rather be fugitives than slaves. There, they question Clara’s reluctant pal Yoki, who’s definitely hiding some key intel about Clara’s disappearance. Johnny, however, has more immediate problems, his fake eyemod malfunctions, giving him away as a Basic deep in Hackmod territory. The only way out? Forced modification. Turns out Johnny’s actually pretty into it.

The pair’s investigation into Clara’s whereabouts gets them into even more trouble when they’re attacked by a man who is discovered to have two faces. Literally. What the hells (as they say in the Quad) is going on here? At least Dutch’s effort to spark a J-wide war are going well. She kidnaps a rich-Qreshi-kid-turned-black-market-dealer to track down a beacon that she knows will get the Hullen’s attention—it works.

All the action draws their attention and Dutch and her crew are picked up and imprisoned by Hullen posing as border control officers. But that was the plan all along. Dutch and co. escape while the Hullen ship is bombed out of orbit.

There are more Hullen-related revelations to come at the squad’s post-victory meeting with Turin (he needs that tar-like goop that dead Hullens are always leaking all over the place). The RAC commander has uncovered something very interesting: an entire fleet of cloaked Hullen ships, sitting ready and waiting… but for what?

5 questions about this week’s episode

1. One episode in and we’re already all about the Hullen—when do we meet them?

2. Who programmed Alice to direct both Ollie and John to that abandoned warehouse—and why? Does someone want to bring them together?

3. What does Yoki know about Clara that she isn’t telling John and Ollie?

4. The two-faced guy who tried to take out Ollie had green plasma between his top face and the face underneath it—why? What’s the connection between him and the plasma-obsessed Hullen?

5. Owl, Grip, or Jumper: which kind of Hackmod would you be?