Killjoys Season Finale Recap: Strap In For An Epic Air Battle In Wargasm


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The start of the Killjoys Season 3 finale felt like an ending—but by the end, it was clear that it was only the beginning. The classic Killjoys move of wrapping up an instalment with one member of the trio gone MIA was repeated for a third time this season when Dutch went willingly into the Green on a mission to take down The Lady—whoever that is.

The finale opened with a pre-war picnic that saw Team Killjoy look back on their history together, remembering everything that’s led them to this moment. But before anyone could get too sentimental, Aneela’s Hullen ships began to enter the Quad’s airspace and with that, the war was on.


As the Quad’s defence forces scrambles to get their sonic Hullen-jamming device assembled, Aneela’s armada approaches. Incredibly, the defensive plan works and the Hullen ships are rendered useless. Lead by Fancy Lee, the Cleansed go in to take care of the stragglers. At first, it looks like a clean victory, but Gander is on to them. He sends the remaining ships to destroy the sonic device and Fancy is forced to take it and run while Pree and the rest of the fighters stay on Leith to face the Hullen.


At the height of the battle, Aneela and Kendry conspire to kidnap Dutch. Aneela takes her to the Necropolis for a little alone time, but using the memory nebulizer ring that Zeph made her Dutch restores Aneela’s missing memories and (after a bit more scuffling) they decide to call a truce and work together to prevent The Lady from leaving the Green and putting an end to existence as everyone knows it.

As Aneela and Dutch enter the Green, a bunch of killer spiders come out, signalling The Lady’s displeasure with the invasion. Leaving D’avin, Johnny, and Delle Sayeh stuck in an untethered Necropolis and The Lady’s own Hullen ships taking over the RAC and docking with Lucy, Dutch goes into the unknown with Aneela at her side.


When they come to, they’re somewhere that Aneela calls the Green Space, they’re both blonde, and Khlyen is there, waiting for them (with a gift/knife). Once again, we’re at the beginning of a new Killjoys story.

5 questions about the Season 3 finale

1. Did anyone catch D’avin’s bossy baby name joke aimed (lovingly, we’re sure) at showrunner Michelle Lovretta?

2. Was a reconciliation between Aneela and Dutch part of Khlyen’s plan all along? Was it just a piece of a master scheme to defeat The Lady?

3. How are D’avin and Johnny going to escape from the Necropolis before it crashes into the sun?

4. What does D’avin and Delle Seyah Kendry’s baby mean to The Lady and her control over the Hullen?

5. We’ve asked this before, but: WHO is The Lady? Guess we’ll find out in a year, NBD.