Fan Expo 2016: We Saw The Killjoys Finale At But We’re Only Going To Tell You About The Q&A

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Killjoys cast members Aaron Ashmore, Sarah Power, Tamsen McDonough, Thom Allison, Morgan Kelly, Rob Stewart, and showrunner Michelle Lovretta left The Quad behind to make an appearance at Fan Expo in Toronto last night for a special advance screening of the season two finale followed by a Q&A in front of a tonne of fans. While we don’t want to ruin the episode for you, we definitely want to fill you in on everything that went down during the super entertaining panel that came after it.

Just yesterday we found out that Killjoys would be back for a third season—proof that the series has built up a loyal fanbase—and the news turned the event into a bit of a celebration, prompting the cast to share what they loved best about the season and the Killjoys world that Lovretta and her team have built. Here are some of the highlights:

Thom Allison on what he likes best about playing Pree


For Allison it’s a tossup between Pree’s wardrobe and makeup, his surprising past as a intergalactic warlord, and the fact that almost every time his character opens his mouth, a snappy one-liner comes out. He’s also is a big fan of the way Lovretta has designed The Quad: “The thing I love most about the world is the lack of judgement,” Allison says. “Moral judgement doesn’t exist as it does in our world. It’s open in many ways. It’s person to person, and that makes everything so possible in the world.”

Sarah Power (Pawter) on the power dynamics in The Quad


“I like that all the women are the bosses,” says Power, adding that she really admired the way Lovretta, who turned Pawter into a symbol of the revolution in Old Town, handled her character’s death in episode nine. “I couldn’t wait to see what happened in [episode] 10—the fallout from that,” added Power. Um, same.

Tamsen McDonough on what it was like to get to be Lucy in fembot form


“It was exactly as you’d imagine—getting to meet everybody, and getting to see Lucy, the ship, pushing every button I could find, the stunts. It was so much fun to be thrown into the whole world.”

Morgan Kelly (Alvis) on his love for capes, Mossipedes, and The Quad


Leave it to a cape-wearing monk to have love for the killer plasma bugs we met in episode three, but Kelly’s feelings about the Killjoys universe go way beyond space centipedes: “There’s a grittiness that I like. It’s a got a sense of humour but it’s also got texture and struggle. The people are the underdogs and it’s this oppressed [population]. They’re people that you love, but it’s a struggle.”

Aaron Ashmore (Johnny) on his favourite season two scene


“My favourite scene was the dinner scene on Qresh,” says Ashmore, who had one more scene to add to the list… You’ll get to see it tonight during the finale. The last episode of Killjoys (until next season, of course) is on Space at 9e 6p.