The Killjoys Season 4 Trailer Just Dropped And It’s Intense


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Khlyen has a story to tell, about a warrior and a thief and their battle against an unknown as yet unseen evil. The warrior, of course, is Dutch. The thief? That’s her BFF and fellow Killjoy, Johnny. And the evil… well, let’s just say that The Lady is coming. We don’t know who or what she is, but we do have an idea about what she wants: the universe—and everyone in it—to submit to her will.

Next stop, The Quad, the place where Dutch (with a bit of help from Aneela) did her best to get The Lady’s attention by declaring war on her and trying to take control of the green. We don’t have to tell you that the stakes are high in this season of Killjoys, that much is obvious. But can Dutch and her little band of rebels actually beat this formidable new foe and save the world? They’ve come out on top in the past, but that’s no guarantee—the bad guys just keep getting bigger (and badder).

Killjoys is back on Space beginning July 20 at 10e 7p. Check out the latest (equally ominous and hopeful) trailer right here.