Watch Your Fave Trio Of Bounty Hunters Announce Season 4 Of ‘Killjoys’


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They’re back and you’d better believe it. Dutch, Johnny, and D’Avin (that’s Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, and Luke McFarlane) return for a stunning Fourth Season as intergalactic bounty hunters on a mission to save the universe in Killjoys. Production of the latest installment has already begun in and around Toronto. Ten episodes of the new season will begin airing sometime this year, but until then, we’ve got the core cast on camera with a very special introduction to Season 4.

When we last left our Killjoys, Dutch was drifting in Greenspace and D’av and John were in a similar predicament—floating in an elevator in deep space with a pregnant Delle Seyah Kendry (Mayko Nguyen). Now Team Awesome Force find themselves scattered across the galaxy in two different realities. While trying to keep one step ahead of the danger our divided heroes are now on the run from a new immeasurable evil, The Lady. Their goal? Stop her escape—and the end of the universe.

The video sneak peek at a Season 4 scene aboard Lucy also comes with a big introduction. Taking over for Michelle Lovretta, brand-new showrunner Adam Barken joins the cast to introduce himself and some of the show’s crew.