All-New Killjoys Featurette Reveals Big Secrets About The Trio’s Past And Future


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Season 4 of Killjoys is taking us back to basics. That is, seven years back in time to see how Dutch and Johnny became the butt-kicking duo we know and love (there was life before D’avin after all). Following last season’s epic cliffhanger of an ending (Dutch teamed up with Aneela on the other side of whatever is on the other side of the Green), Season 4 is going to slow that roll and reverse… to fill in some very important details that have yet to be revealed to Killjoys fans.

Of course, we’re also going to find out what happens after the Season 4 snafu, in which Johnny and D’avin and a very pregnant Delle Seyah found themselves marooned aboard a Necropolis on course with the sun. Spicy! But the best (worst?) is yet to come. Despite a battle won by the Killjoy-led rebels, the Hullen are on the rise and hunting for new recruits for their little Green club. Will they find one among Johnny, Dutch, and D’av?


One thing’s got to be for sure: this trio of sarcastic scrappers is going to reunite somewhere in the place they call home, the Quad—right after they save the universe.

If you don’t mind getting spoiled, check out the new Season 4 featurette which includes interviews from all three main cast members—Hannah John Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, and Luke Macfarlane—and new showrunner Adam Barken, below.