Killjoys Season 3 Welcomes Far-Out New Cast Members

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Basics are so 2016. The new season of Killjoys will add more Hackmods to its core cast of intergalactic-bounty-hunters-turned-Quad-crusaders. What’s a Hackmod you ask? Remember Johnny’s über-rad new space road trip pal with the machine gun arm, Clara? That’s a Hackmod. Everyone else is a basic.

This season, our trio will be joined by international bionic pop artist Viktoria Modesta who’ll take on the role of Niko, “a lethal Hackmod surgeon with killer legs and a secret crusade.” Whoa, sounds like Johnny might have a NEW crush. Modesta’s viral smash hit, “Prototype,” will also be featured in the episode.

“I’m a huge fan of Viktoria’s work and was blown away by her performance,” says Killjoys showrunner Michelle Lovretta. “I could not dream of anyone better to bring gorgeous Niko to life.”

Also getting in on the Hackmod action are Bitten’s Tommie-Amber Pirie and Hemlock Grove’s Emily Piggford as Clara’s associates, Ollie and Yoki. Prince Amponsah (The Entertainer) will play Rat City Hacksaw Bar owner, Havigan. Sean Fowler takes the role of Cutter, a Hackmodding technician with an extremely apt name.

Introduced in Season 2, the Hackmods are humans with cybernetic implants who were enslaved and modded in a black market workshop known as The Factory and sold to the highest bidder. Some Hackmods have managed to escape their owners and eke out a life of their own in Rat City, a neutral zone situated at the far end of the J Star System, where Hackmods have one another’s backs and ‘Basics’ (unmodded humans), dare not tread.

Killjoys reenters the atmosphere Friday, June 30 at 8pm ET. You can watch the Season 3 sneak peek here, and check out a smattering of first-look Season 3 photos below. Each episodic image offers clues to what unfolds in the much-anticipated return of our most-watched original series.