Killjoys Interview: Morgan Kelly’s Alvis Takes Action In Season 3

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Speaking about his time spent playing Alvis on Killjoys, Morgan Kelly acknowledges a few of the obvious core pressures. For one, his flowing garment (what he describes as a “dress”) makes it difficult just to get around the set. “I still can’t get up the stairs,” he explains. “I had to climb a ladder yesterday, and I needed three people to help me because I kept tripping over it.” With every new script, there’s also a persistent fear that Alvis could be killed off, but when we visited to set in March, he was extremely excited about the character’s evolution—and the season to come.

The evolution of Alvis

Asked how he felt when he landed the opportunity to play a monk in space, Kelly’s enthusiasm is palpable. “I was really excited,” he said. “From what I understand, I was only supposed to do two episodes, which turned into four or five, which turned into Season 3, so it was a nice surprise and this character just seems to be evolving. Last year was this whole thing with the tree and it was like his holy grail. This year, history from hundreds of years ago is coming back. It’s like he’s fighting the devil.”

Fighting for what he believes in

Speaking to Kelly about Alvis, you get the sense that he genuinely admires his character, specifically his strong sense of conviction. “He’s a monk. He’s a religious figure, and he’s got that position people look up to, but if he believes in something and if the cause is just, he will fight and he will pick up a gun and he will fight for what he believes in, which I like—and he’s a leader too. It’s a fun role. He’s got a lot of aspects I like. He’s got this anger and he’s got this raw energy that’s a lot of fun to play.”

“Our pain for your sin”

When Kelly first inhabited Alvis, he didn’t know much about the Scarbacks, but he was definitely intrigued by their overriding philosophy. “What drew me to the role was their saying, ‘Our pain for your sin,’” he explained. “You come to me with sin, you donate some money, I cut myself, and you’re absolved. That says a lot about the religion, that there’s this masochistic side—and then that whole backstory happened in Season 2. We’re cutting ourselves to show that we’re still human. I think it’s evolved since season one. Once they realized they wanted to keep the Scarbacks around, they had to develop this whole crazy backstory, which goes back hundreds of years and is tied to all the seasons.”

Personal experience

For Kelly, getting inside the mind of Alvis was not especially difficult, as he grew up in a very religious household. “At least in my house, there was a lot of weight and some guilt behind it,” he revealed. “I think Alvis kind of takes on a lot of responsibility, so I was able to pull from that. Sometimes an actor uses good stuff from his life and sometimes he uses a bit more negative stuff, but the negativity can give you an edge because it’s not fabricated.”

The fans respond

One of the reasons Alvis managed to grow into a prominent character on Killjoys is the enthusiasm this character inspired in the fans. “I think Alvis is so popular because the Scarback faith is different and cool,” he said. “There’s this cutting and ritualistic side of it. The sensuality in season one. He was kind of cool and I wanted to bring a bit of that confident swagger to it. Then Dutch and Alvis developed this kind of chemistry. I’m not sure that their relationship in Season 2 was planned in season one. I think it happened when the two actors met each other. It kind of evolved on camera. The fans have been pretty receptive to that and the fact that it’s non-committal and there are no ties. It plays to Dutch’s strengths as an independent strong woman as well.”

Alvis gets some action

As for Season 3, don’t be surprised if Alvis takes a more active role. “As we saw in Season 2, the Scarbacks have a history with Aneela. They used to fight, and Aneela is technically the devil, so there’s this huge backstory that includes the Scarbacks with Aneela. Obviously Alvis kind of knows what’s coming, so he’s got no problem picking up a gun and bringing the fight to them, which is new. In the previous season, we saw that Alvis is more of a leader and he’s on the sideline, but this year there’s some action, which is fun. As an actor, doing something like that is always great.”

Killjoys returns to Space June 30 at 8pm ET. Read our recent interviews with the show’s three stars and showrunner Michelle Lovretta, then re-watch the Season 3 teaser below: